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    I'm at that age where I still don't know where I'm going, but deciding time is long past anyways, so better to shoot from the hip than keep fussing about how to draw. My earliest career dreams were of being a writer, and later a filmmaker, and later still, a game developer. I've spent years as a self-taught student of game design, and most of my attention is still consumed by that interest. I work as a peer tutor in the writing center at my university, and also worked at an academic summer camp teaching algebra and calculus to high school students.

    I love to sit and talk about history, science, technology, math, philosophy, art, and everything else under the sun. I know a lot about a few things and a little of almost everything, and I'm always willing to learn more. I live for conversation.

    As a creative person, I've endured some years of inspirational and motivational famine. Now that I'm writing for The Odyssey, I'm hoping my talents will start to bear fruit again. I look forward to updating this bio when I've made that magic happen. Until then... wish me luck, would you?

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