Women In Business

As a woman in any field, it is hard to be respected. Respect should be granted to any person no matter their gender. I have found that in the business field, it is especially hard as a woman to be taken seriously. People come to the place of business and ask for the owner and immediately ask where he is, not where they are.

1. Stay calm

I find, as a woman, I tend to be spoken over in a business meeting or even by employees. It is important to stay calm and stay level headed. I have found that when I lose my cool, it's hard to gain respect. Your employees are not your friends, they don't have to take a liking to you — they need to respect you.

2. Sometimes you need to be extra stern

I hate to say it, but sometimes you really need to be a bitch just so the employees will listen to you. If you're not, the employees tend to take advantage.

3. Business is a puzzle

The way I have learned to look at business is to look at it like it is a puzzle. First, look at the big picture, then look at the pieces you have, then place the pieces in the correct places.

4. Use your employees where they are most valuable

Using your employees is like a game of chess. You need to place your employees where they would be most valuable to the business as a whole.

5. It is your business, not the employees'

The employees are only included in the part of the business they should be concerned about. They have no right knowing business involving finances or anything about coworkers.

6. No employee is irreplaceable

Don't forget that employees can be replaced. The business owner, on the other hand, cannot be.

7. Everything is always your fault

When I say that it's always your fault, I mean that when something goes wrong, everyone looks to the business owner. The buck stops with you. An employee didn't show up, it's your fault. A machine breaks, it's your fault. And you as the business owner needs to fix it.

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