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    Rachel Lynn Woodruff, never thought she would find paradise on Earth, but has settled for the closest thing, the rolling hills of the Missouri Ozarks is where she calls home. Though she has lived everywhere from Kansas to Florida, Colorado to Georgia, Indiana to Wyoming, Missouri to Mississippi, hopscotching around the country, she always thought of herself as a traveler. Rachel, lived in twelve different states before she was twelve and still managed to always attend the same school. Seeing the world through the window of a school bus is one way to grow up fast, Rachel lived two weeks in one spot and five years in another, her parents’ nomads had the desire to keep moving, and used home education to make sure Rachel and her two older siblings always got a good education. Growing up in a time before homeschooling became popular she was asked more about socialization than what her name was, and mostly by her closest friends. Books became her passion, and stories about the places she traveled filled notebooks growing up. She enjoys characters who aren’t afraid of change, who embrace challenges and find growth in the inevitable what if’s of life. While her stories are mostly about people falling in love and overcoming obstacles, she hopes that her writing will inspire others. Rachel also feels that nutrition is one of the most neglected causes for illness and hopes that by educating people on the importance of proper nutrition she can help them to avoid illness, and live happier healthier lives. By educating people on the importance of proper nutrition Rachel hopes to change lives.

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