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    Hey y'all! My name is Michaela Christian Lambert, and depending where you're from, you may or may NOT know that my name is actually pronounced "Ma-kay-la". The spelling of my name has been the conversation starter with hundreds of people; it originates from my mother, Michelle, and father, who's name is Michael.. and together they decided on "Michaela". So here I am, often in a room with a crowd who mostly thinks my name is "mi-shay-la", "michael", or anything BUT how it's actually pronounced. I love my name, I love its unique spelling and the constant apologizing for mispronouncing, it always gets me laughing.

    I would love to write an in-depth description about who I am, telling you all my favorite hobbies, interest, and everything that seems to make me, me. However, I'll let my writing do the job for me. I hope my articles reflect who I am as a person (for those of you who know me personally) as much as I try to influence as possible. I enjoy writing, and love the diversity on Odyssey, and I hope that you too enjoy reading as much as I love writing. :) woo!



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