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    Currently the WIBA World Champion & NYS Champion

    A four-time Golden Gloves champion and two-time World Champion amateur boxer, who was also ranked #2 nationally by USA Boxing, Keisher “Fire” McLeod is not only an accomplished athlete whose passion and competitive spirit extend far beyond the boxing ring, she is also what some consider now to be a triple threat. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, with her parents, twin sister, and two younger siblings. In high school she ran track and field and played volleyball on her school team. Her height and agility also lent itself to her other dream of being an actress and a model. After high school she enrolled as an aspiring actress in The National Black Theater in Harlem and was a student at TV1 and HB Studios.

    McLeod was first introduced to boxing after she auditioned for a role in the film The Terminator and was told she was too “waify” for the part. Encouraged by her agent to build muscle definition she turned to boxing. Although she never got the part in the film, her acting career would soon be overshadowed by her unforeseen boxing success. However, before that would happen she would go on to book five national TV commercials and land a small role in the film “Love the hard way” starring Adrian Brody in 2001. She was also cast as herself in a documentary film “Prelude to a Fight” in 2008 and later in the History Channel’s “Warrior Women”. In 2002 she was discovered and recruited onto a team by a coach in a boxing gym who promised he could make her a champion in a year’s time. He did not fail.

    McLeod went on to win her first championship in less than a year. She finished her amateur boxing career winning an amazing 12 championships before turning professional in 2009 currently with a record of 6 -2 She was also inadvertently dubbed the name “Fire” for her flaming red and gold streaked hair.

    McLeod was given the opportunity to travel oversees to Mexico to film “Reto De Campeonas” a boxing TV reality show, similar to the American TV reality show, “The Contender”. In 2012, after seeing Mcleod featured in the Fashion & Style section of the New York Times, Bobbi Brown personally selected her to be part of the "Pretty Powerful" make-up campaign. As part of the campaign Mcleod was not only featured in the "Pretty Powerful" book but was also brought on NBC's Today Show with Bobbi Brown to promote it. Soon after McLeod was also featured in Martin Schoeller latest book on twins called, "Identical". In 2014 she started the year being featured in a Boost Mobile Campaign representing Brooklyn. In 2016 She landed a national Maybelline commercial featured as Super Model, Gigi Hadid's boxing coach. Some months later, she landed a photo shoot gig with Reebok.

    Throughout her training she discovered that boxing not only fulfilled her passion but also became an outlet for her anger and depression. She found training to be extremely therapeutic and helped her cope with mental health issues in a positive and productive way. Becoming physically strong also gave her the mental strength to finally face her demons; the abusive relationships, the lack of confidence in herself and the adversity she faced growing up as an underprivileged Afro American girl struggling in an urban community.

    Today she teaches boxing fundamentals at Gleason's Gym, instilling confidence in both women and men to push themselves to achieve their goals of being physically and mentally fit. She uses her boxing as a testament to show that anything can be achieved through diligence and hard work.

    "It's not how many times I fall down in life that defines me, it's how many times I get up that do” McLeod often says.

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