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    I like God, the arts, goodness, justice, tea, chocolate, and carbs. In that order. Those are really the essentials.

    Otherwise, I am a senior studying English/Communication at Trinity International University. I originally hail from Staten Island, New York (and greatly prefer the pizza and food there). Throughput my life and education, I have developed a passion for the arts and issues of goodness (not merely justice, though justice is a big part of that). For me, this has taken the form of pouring into the visual and written arts in particular while exploring what it means to adhere to what is good, true, and beautiful. I still have not settled comfortably in that pursuit.

    I became a Christian when I was fourteen and my faith has greatly informed all of these journeys. While I understand that many may not agree with me on this, I fully believe that a belief in Jesus Christ has helped me to broaden my experience and engage in a greater sense of wonder for God and the world He has created. I do believe that who I am as a Christian is fundamental for the rest of my identity, and therefore whatever I say, do, or write is undergirded by that lens.

    I am not entirely sure what I will do after college and find myself experiencing existential crises on many occasions, which I am sure my fellow college students can relate to quite well. While I explore options for the future, what I decide will probably be something that takes into account what I feel and think strongly about.

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