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    "Do circumstances make men or do men make circumstances?" It is fair to say that according to Karl Marx, circumstances shape men, their thinking, as well as their economic situations. Nevertheless, claiming that men make circumstances simply because they have free will is also accurate. History is shaped by this relationship between men and his ability to make choices. Last November, our country's decisions demonstrated three things: the power of free will, Friedrich Nietzsche's idea of master morality, and most importantly, that we are living in the age of radical change. As I continue my undergraduate studies, I am faced with new and fascinating challenges I had never experienced before. There is not a more perfect time period to be alive, learning and writing.

    I grew up in the border between Matamoros, Mexico and Brownsville, Texas. Thus, I learned to appreciate the similarities and differences of two distinct cultures and languages. This is why I believe what our society needs the most today is understanding. For years, the world has inhibited those who are different. Yet what the world needs the most today, is creators who are not afraid to think for themselves.

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