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    Nothing much really. Just a writer trying to pave his way into this sea of other writers. Author of seven novels Dana, Revelations, Identity, Journey, Broken: The Edge of Sanity, Brothers and Frenemies, and Virgil. Other than novels I write poems here and am presently working on honing my sining skils so I can drop a good LP/EP. First vid can be found here. Trying to beef up my book review blog here. Beyond all that I'm hopelessly addicted to cheesecake, fries, and fries. Sing better at work than in the studio or with a live audience (I'm a work in progress) Rollercoasters are life (so are fries). Loves the ocean but not a fan of beach sand. (it gets everywhere). That's about it. Artist in my dreams average guy in reality, hoping one day these two people merge on the same plane. And that on this plane there is a limitless supply of fries pizza and cheesecake. The calorie burning kind.

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