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    Although I have gone back and forth upon deciding what I want to major in, I have mostly considered Philosophy in the last few months. Though this major is often not seen as a good choice, especially when I initially considered Medical School, PA School, Nursing, and Biology Education, I find there is intrinsic value in the argumentation skills, critical analysis skills, communication skills, and logic skills which the major can offer. It changes the way you think and I find that in a world where your major is just a prerequisite to get into the workforce, what matters most is that I have the skills to learn, work well in a social setting, and to think critically all of which Philosophy offers as a major.

    It is certainly a risk but Philosophy majors do the best of the humanities, and only behind mathematics and economics, on the LSAT, as well as on the GMAT, the MCAT, and the GRE. That must count for something right? Now, let us just hope I can sell this to my employer.

    Speaking of employers, I admit that am unsure what I want to do once I graduate as far as careers go, but do want to mention that I have considered Law, Social Work, Spanish Education, ESL Education, Operations Management, Project Management, Business and maybe even Journalism.

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