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    Hey everyone! First of all, God chose you as His beloved, and He wants you to live and feel like you are just that. My name is Summer Jones and I am so so excited to start this new blog!!! God has been working a lot in my life as a whole, but recently I have begun to notice His hand in many aspects and situations in my life. I have spent so much time feeling like I don't belong in this world and beating myself up for it. But God has shown me, if you are saved by God's great grace, you shouldn't feel like you belong in this world, plus you shouldn't beat yourself up for it. I wanted to start this blog because I knew for sure that I must not be the only one who feels this way in her early 20's. I know, I know now you are thinking she's just that christian party pooper stinkin' all up on everyone's bar-hoppin' and greek life parties. - No, no because I do like the occasional glass of moscato while watching Friday Night Lights (don't judge, that's the extent of my own personal party these days:). Anyway, I do not want put anyone down for the lifestyle they choose, I just want to let at least one person know that that one lifestyle isn't the only choice you have, and you have a Father and Savior who is relentlessly pursuing you daily. Saying that, I have tried to make myself fit in with the norms of 21-year-olds and still felt like I didn't belong. Here is the huge lesson from that: IT IS OK. God calls His believers, even in their 20's, to be different. Here's a shocker in addition to that: sometimes I get bitter and selfish, and I'm like "I know you're probs just kidding God" and I start living in disobedience. There's so much more in His will for your life than what you are seeing from your end. I want to share my testimony, embarrassing moments, and wonderful life the Lord has given me on here praying that my readers will get a lesson or a blessing from it.

    Peace & blessings, y'all!

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