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Community Manager Terms

Last Updated Jul 01, 2016


As an Odyssey Community Manager, you lead a team of individual Creators toward the common goal of amplifying diverse and unique perspectives.

Effective community managers are a crucial part of how Odyssey’s content creators influence and reach our millions of readers every month. As such, we like to reward community managers who create an environment that allows content creators to thrive.

As a Community Manager, you receive:

  • The same rights and privileges granted to all Odyssey Creators
  • The ability to build and manage a community of Creators that represents the diverse opinions and backgrounds of your community at large
  • Professional development in your interaction with a direct manager at Odyssey HQ
  • The ability to earn monetary and non-monetary incentives, tied to the achievement or completion of benchmarks and/or goals determined by Odyssey

Rights you grant Odyssey:

  • The same rights granted to Odyssey Creators
  • The pertinent personal information needed to award you any monetary or non-monetary incentives you may earn as a Community Manager
  • The right to revoke your status as an EIC for violating our platform guidelines or Terms and Conditions
  • Odyssey maintains the right to revoke the status of any EIC based on the refusal or inability to achieve certain goals determined by Odyssey

How do I earn money?

Odyssey uses several measurable KPIs to evaluate the success of individual communities. Community Managers who achieve these KPIs are paid on a monthly basis determined by overall community success in a given month. The exact payment amount is determined by incremental scales of performance and achievement of these KPIs. The amounts paid, incremental scales used to measure success, and the KPIs themselves are all subject to change. We will notify you of any significant changes.

Community Managers are also able to participate in the Revenue Sharing Model for all monetary incentives granted to Creators.

There are no guarantees under Creator Terms & Conditions about how much, or whether, you will be paid. Earnings are generated based specific KPIs achieved.

At the end of every month, earnings will be determined for Community Managers who have reached the appropriate threshold.

How do I get paid?

All payments are issued through an individual’s ADP account following an analysis of performance in the given month.

In order to receive payment, Community Managers must be properly onboarded through our payroll management system.

Payments will be directly deposited into an individual checking account or sent via mail to an individual’s address the second week of each month once performance has reached the appropriate threshold.


Q: How do I work with an manager with me team? A: Our team is dedicated to improving your skills, particularly through leadership and organizational tactics, as well as creating a solid network for you and your future.

Q: What are the specific KPIs necessary to receive payment? A: Through guidance provided by your direct manager, KPIs will constantly be at the forefront of discussions as well as clearly defined and available for analysis.

Q: Who can I contact with questions? A: Any questions or concerns can be directed to our team via

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