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    I ran to the rose garden long after the sun had set.

    The air wasn't cold, but it had movement and made good use of it in my tangle of long, wet hair that I hadn't the time or the cells to tie back. My skin felt as invisible as I'd always wished. At night, you could be anyone.

    I followed the full, yellow moon to the roses I had previously only seen under the sun. Did you know that there are less stars over the planes than the mountains? Have you noticed how the orange light from this city turns the blue / grey sky to something almost purple? The moon would bring it's own reflective light now, if it weren't for the clouds rolling in with growls and sparks in their mouths. I'm not afraid of getting wet.

    I'm afraid of going home. I'm afraid, because I don't know where that is. I'm afraid of getting lost.

    But I am here. I am alive. I am lost.

    I am unafraid.

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