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    I am currently a full time student as well as a being employed full time. I grew up in small town USA, graduated with a class of nine, and was actively involved in a wide range of extra curricular activities all through my junior high and high school years. My list of interests is extremely eclectic as well: politics, finance, theater, music, automotive, etc. To reference my full time employment status, I am currently employed by four different employers. I work for a company that offers support to individuals with developmental disabilities, the campus coffee shop, a fast food restaurant in my home town on the weekends, and do housework and run errands for a family. Between these four jobs, my hours add up to 30-40+ hours per week. One goal that I have is to graduate with my two majors, in four years, without any student loans. I would like to be a writer for Odyssey because I believe that I have a wide range of personal experience and interests to bring to the table. This would be a great opportunity for me to share my story of working my way through school and to show other students what hard work can do. The experience I have in such wide areas of employment gives me many different perspectives to write about. I aspire to one day run for public office as well as being a business owner.

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