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    Adopted at the age of 5, i moved out when i was 18 to begin living life on my own without the emotional or material support of my family. I succeeded in proving that the world has little to no sympathy for someone trying to figure life out. I have chosen to learn most of my life lessons the hard way and I'm grateful for every mistake and success I have made thus far. I am constantly pursuing a career in the Arts by teaching elementary Art classes and hosting private painting parties. I sell art locally and continue to love Art as my passion and favorite hobby. I believe how you treat other shows an immense amount about who you are on the inside so i believe love before all else, forgive, understand and keep moving forward. I am a firm believer that unconditional love has the power to save our world and that words are our most powerful weapon. The world has a silly way of getting us to where we need to be and most of the time the path isn't the clearest route just know that wherever you end up are supposed to be there. As the Irish say "May the Wind be Always at your back".

    In other words Never stop moving forward.

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