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    What drives you? What are you passionate about? What truly elevates your spirit? These are the questions I ask myself each and every morning, driving into the heart of my spirit and subconscious landscape while I sit in quiet contemplation. As a human being heavily focused on internal analysis, documenting that analysis is a critical component of my reflection process. Combining these two facets of my personality, I've discovered that, above all else, my passion lies in creative expression through writing and leading by example to help others along their path of self-discovery. My goal is to be in the practice of helping people help themselves through thought transformation- aided by written word that both elevates and inspires. Continuing my passion as a creator with six years of professional writing experience, I aim to continue igniting creativity and a sense of wonder in my readers through the art of writing. Passion and dedication is at the heart of every poem or article I compose. Simply speaking, I am a storyteller- an artist who paints images with words swept into creation by the power of a pen.

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