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    Rotorm - Survival Products Types of bonfires There are many types of bonfires. Each species serves its own specific purpose. The main types of bonfires suitable for use in an emergency are shown in Fig. 13. You must be able to stack and rekindle any of them. SAFE NIGHT COSTER (A). This type of bonfire allows you to sleep next to it without the risk that burning firewood will roll up and burn you. Place two large logs of freshly felled wood on top of burning firewood. Logs will be repelled by burning wood from you and your shelter under the influence of its own weight. Before going to bed, make sure that the bonfire is built as densely as possible - this measure will allow it to burn slightly, but throughout the night. Pay attention to the location of the reflector wall. LONG COSTER (B). This bonfire can be built in a long, pre-dug groove, oriented in the direction of the wind. You can separate it between two parallel stacked logs of freshly felled wood and above the ground. Logs will not allow burnt little heads to roll to the sides. Logs should be at least 15 cm in diameter (the larger the better). On top of the logs you can place dishes for cooking. Logs should be placed on two small blocks of 3-cm height for better air flow to the fire. T-SHAPE COSTER (C). This type of bonfire is good for cooking. The fire is kindled in the "crossbar" T, and the coals for cooking are scooped into the groove - "leg". Survival in extreme situations. SAS Experience COSTER "TIPI" (D). Bonfire, suitable for both cooking and heating. Requires a large supply of firewood. The kindling should be placed inside the tipi, place thin twigs around the tent, thicker ones on top of them. In the direction from which the wind blows, the tent needs to be opened to provide traction. You should light a fire by turning your back to the wind, and place fuel on the leeward side. COSTER "STAR" (E). It is used for fuel shortages or when you need a small fire. A fire is set on fire in the center, firewood moves to the center of the fire as it burns. For convenience, some of the firewood can be removed. This type of bonfire requires solid wood fuel. COSTER “LOCKING HOLE” (F). Dig a recess in the soil in the shape of a keyhole with a leg oriented in the direction of the wind. Such a bonfire has the same meaning as a "long" one. The Pyramid (G). Several layers of firewood are stacked crosswise. Such a fire burns for a very long time and can be used to heat your shelter throughout the night. "HAT" (N). Firewood is added in the form of a log house. The bonfire burns v it quickly burns out. It is good to use for cooking or as a signal Rotorm - Tactical Products Rotorm - Tactical Products mobile strike best commander gear for tactical attack best tactical pants for men best tactical flashlights best military museums best scope for tactical 300 win mag snipershide best tactical semi auto pistol best small tactical flashlight best oakley sunglasses for military best tactical magazine fed semi auto shotgun best survival dog best tactical scope nutnfancy best hunting survival knife who makes the best tactical belt best lumens for tactical flashlight best place to sell military gear best knife for survival best state for survival retreat best military daypacks best survival gadgets 2020 best survival blankets best tactical kukri best type of survival knife best military rts best tactical watch for police best jobs after military sto tactical pilot best reputation set best military rucksacks best tactical flashlight for law enforcement best quality tactical flashlight best military surplus items what is the best leatherman for survival best things to send in military care packages best tactical rimfire scope best survival belt best tax program for military best survival kit instant blood clotter best survival gear store best military movies 2020 best military books 2020 best high end tactical boot knives best military hospital for cancer treatment best tactical jrpg for wii best hurricane survival kit best survival redstone builds best survival products best tactical flashlight for rifle best tactical knife amazon best tactical stock for mossberg 500 best tactical sight ar 15 best military brands best military schools best tactical rpg mechanics best military backpack brands best price on versa max competion tactical best branches of the military best military branch for cyber watch best defense survival best tactical crossbow which is the best tactical flashlight best american ma

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