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    Salve. Bonjour. Hallo. Ciao. Hello! My name is Jules and welcome to my curious little corner of the world. I am positively brimming with excitement to share with you my unique perception and perspective on life, love and everything in between.

    I am an aspiring English (with a focus in Creative Writing) and Psychology double major. I am a lover of all things creative, of anything capable of embedding itself underneath the skin and making you feel. Whether it is a stream of words expertly woven together, or a sketch skillfully drawn across a page, the tangible manifestation of pure, raw emotion will never cease to move me. Creativity, inspiration, passion, poetry - these things always melt into me and touch a piece of my soul, leaving me irrevocably changed. I never am the same woman I was five minutes ago, nor am I the same woman I will be five minutes in the future.

    My one true love is poetry. To be able to paint a picture so vivid that it leaves one purely catatonic with the flood of sensations it produces is a skill I admire and desire more than anything. I long to string words together so they sound more harmonious than any music. To wage wars and mend hearts and cripple nations and cure the empty nothing where our hearts should be - I want to do all of this, with words. Amor poetica.

    So I invite you, I urge you, to allow me to bring you on this journey. Open your mind, bare your heart, and titillate your senses. Mihi crede. Croyez-moi. Stol på meg. Fidati di me. Trust me. I will not disappoint.

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