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    Hi! My name is Ashley, and I just recently completed my first year of college at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Some interesting facts about me? I enjoy books, books, and you guessed it, books. Usually, you can find me lost in a fantasy novel, but I've grown to love realistic books, and just about everything in between. When I'm not reading, you can catch me playing virtual games on my iPad, writing stories, thinking about writing stories, or getting lost in the magical wonderland that is Pinterest. I enjoy discovering the secret gems of the world, whether that be a book, song, or destination, and I love to share them with everyone. I'm also willing to try new things whether that be learning a craft or a language. In fact, I am minoring in Spanish, but I still have yet to officially declare a major. I've lived in Texas, Virginia, and Nebraska. I have seven siblings - five brothers and two sisters. I'm left handed. I played the flute in high school. I received my black belt in taekwondo in sixth grade. My family owns two cats and a dog. Oh, and did I mention I love books?

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