Zong WhatsApp Packages
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Zong WhatsApp Packages

Zong WhatsApp Packages & Bundles for Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Zong WhatsApp Packages

Are you searching Zong WhatsApp Packages code or procedure to activate? Then, you are in the right spot. Because we are up-to-date and 24-hour in-touch with mobile packages. When a new social or any bundle will be launch, we provide full detail on this page rapidly. On this web page, you will be found that how to subscribe to the zong WhatsApp package.

Zong WhatsApp Packages Monthly

Zong offers its users a whole month of hybrid WhatsApp bundles. Users can experience the blazing quick message and 4G file sharing, here you will find the complete details and the subscriber method of Zong Monthly WhatsApp Packages 2021.

Whatsapp and SMS Package

The Zong Monthly SMS Package + WhatsApp will relieve you of the stress of dialing various codes and triggering bundles on a daily basis. This package is perfect for you if you just want to trigger your SMS bundle once a month. For just Rs. 50 plus tax, you can get 500 SMS a day and 30 MBs of free Whatsapp data per day for 30 days. If you want to take advantage of this bid, dial the activation code *705#.

Zong Supreme Plus Offer

One of an amazing bundle is supreme plus offer which give you 10000 MBs free internet data plus 4000 MBs for WhatsApp, 10000 on-net minutes, 600 all network minutes and 10000 free sms just in Rs. 1750 including tax which can be utilized for a whole month.Zong Monthly Social Bundle

Zong Supreme Offer

The Zong Supreme bundle is available from Zong Pakistan and costs 850 Rs. This bundle includes 4 GB for WhatsApp and 5 GB for browsing data, Zong mobile internet, 5000 Free SMS, 5000 on-net minutes, and 300 off-net minutes and is valid for 1 month. The instructions below will show you how to subscribe to the Zong Supreme Package with your Zong Sim.

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Bundle

In 2021, use this 100% working code to subscribe to the Zong Monthly WhatsApp box. For just Rs. 38, you can get 4GB of WhatsApp data. You can use any of WhatsApp's features, including Voice and Video Calling, Instant Messaging, Photo/Video/File Sharing, and Voice and Video Calling.

Monthly Super Offer

Zong offers Monthly Super Offers that offer our data-friendly customers maximum value and comfort. Follow the instructions below or visit your nearest Zong retailer. You can subscribe.

Whatsapp Plus Offer

Zong's WhatsApp Plus offers a lot of free minutes and data to last you throughout the month. Zong is one of the country's largest and most popular telecommunications companies and is known to offer its consumers a large number of packages and packages, which are very difficult for other service providers in the country.

Monthly All in One Offer

One of the best bundles for Zong clients is a monthly all-in-one offer which can be avail just in Rs. 580 including tax. By subscribing to this offer you avail of 2500 MBs WhatsApp plus 2500 MBs internet including 2500 on-net minutes, 150 all network minutes, and 2500 SMS. If you want to subscribe to this bundle, then dial the code *6464# and then press 4 from your mobile keypad.

Zong telecom offered various zong internet packages at very cheap prices.

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