No one is defined by the zodiac, but each sign does have admirable traits.

1. Aries

Not one to mess with, the ram is seen to have a short temper and a red anger. However, I do not believe that is so. I believe this sign knows how to get stuff done and only gets frustrated when others do not comply. I admire this sign's ability to lead against all odds.

2. Taurus

The stubborn bull, this Earth sign has a rap for sitting on the couch and eating food. However, ruled by Venus this sign has a lot of love. I admire this sign's ability to have such tenacity and never stray from a situation no matter how difficult. True loyalty.

3. Gemini

This sign does not get enough praise. This sign is usually knocked around in the zodiac world. However, I admire this sign's ability to face adversity in all situations and how they can put on a smile and laugh when people try to knock them down.

4. Cancer

This sign feels emotion so purely. This sign does not like to be wronged. However, even so, I admire this sign's ability to be so nurturing and maternal to people no matter what they have done to this water sign.

5. Leo

The lion. Ruled by the sun and this sign knows it. This sign is seen as dramatic and short-tempered but these lions are loyal to a fault. Ready to face everything they do, I admire this sign's ability to be fiercely confident and determined in all they do. Also, that hair though.

6. Virgo

I used to be jealous of this sign for being associated with what is considered a beautiful woman. Ego aside, I have met people under this sign and they are very kind and unbiased. I admire this sign's ability to analyze situations and stay organized even when under pressure.

7. Libra

The scales. This air sign is so graceful and level headed. In conflict this sign has a special ability; the peace keeper, the mediator. I admire this sign's ability to see all sides of a situation and be unbiased while doing it.

8. Scorpio

My scorpions. I can always tell when someone is a Scorpio by the way they speak so kindly but can hold a very cold stare if needed. One of the kindest yet blunt signs, I admire this sign's intensity and mystery.

9. Sagittarius

The archer of the fire signs, this sign is always ready to shoot its shot at life. Very lively and sweet this sign is the most chill of the fire signs. I admire this sign's ability to avoid conflict and keep their discussions from turning into arguments.

10. Capricorn

I guess you could call this sign the GOAT (astrology puns) Capricorn is the fiery one of the Earth signs. Sure of what they want and not afraid to say it in a very down to earth way. This sign is negatively associated with money and greed but I do not believe this to be true. I admire most of this sign is their ability to be so generous to others and put themselves last.

11. Aquarius

The sister sign to my sign we tend to get along because we are opposites. This air sign is very level headed. I admire the water-bearers ability to rebel for what they want and what they believe is right.

12. Pisces

The fish. This water sign is very kind and feels emotion deeply. The old soul of the zodiac, this sign would just like their choice of drink and to relax while the conquer their dreams. I admire this sign's ability to live and thrive even after working so hard.