Zipps delivery - The bulk cannabis delivered fast throughout LA
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Zipps delivery - The bulk cannabis delivered fast throughout LA

Los Angeles, CA — Zipps (, an on-demand cannabis delivery service,

Zipps delivery - The bulk cannabis delivered fast throughout LA


Los Angeles, CA — Zipps (, an on-demand cannabis delivery service, launched today in LA. Zipps delivers your favorite cannabis brands fast — really fast. Their main focus is speed, simplicity, and savings. Customers save the most when they buy cannabis in bulk, offering the stickiest discounts in the fastest-growing market.

The biggest difference between Zipps delivery and the other guys is their bulk boxes. On their site, customers have the ability to mix and match their favorite strains to fill a half or full-ounce bulk box at one flat rate.

Half-ounce boxes start at $99 (pick 4 strains). Full-ounce boxes start at $185 (pick 8 strains). Quick Math: That comes out to about $23 an eighth with middle to top-shelf flower selections available. All flowers featured on their bulk box menus are top indoor-grown brands to ensure exceptional quality. Going one step further, any customer that purchases a full-ounce bulk box will have a tree planted in California via their partners at One Tree Planted ( The goal is to help combat growing wildfire damage in the Los Angeles area with their Trees for trees campaign.

Additionally, customers can shop a la carte from two menus, each with different benefits. They can choose between express or scheduled delivery options. The express menu is limited to around 50 of their best-selling items and the orders arrive in less than 45 minutes on average. The scheduled menu features 500+ curated flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, waxes, and concentrates. Even cannabis beverages are available. These orders are available for same-day delivery.

Zipps carries all of the same quality brands like Kiva Confections, Select, Dosist, Cookies, STIIIZY, Old Pal, Raw Garden and many more, but often at a fraction of the price. Their store hours are from 9AM-10PM, 365 days a year.

Go to to place an order on your mobile devices in minutes. After an order has been placed, Zipps automatically dispatches a mobile budtender to deliver your cannabis products. You’re even able to track each order in real-time to ensure a smooth handoff. If you miss your delivery simply email Zipps customer support or chat live within the site. They’re more than happy to assist any customers in real-time.

In the coming months, Zipps has plans to expand quickly throughout Southern California and eventually move into Northern California next year. In accordance with state and local laws, sales are limited to adults 21+ and all customer IDs are verified before each delivery.

Customers can use the code “20SPOT” to get $20 off their first delivery.

About Zipps

Zipps is an express cannabis delivery service, servicing greater Los Angeles, that allows users to access cannabis easily, quickly and at bulk rate pricing. As the fastest-growing cannabis marketplace in California, Zipps focuses on bringing value and convenience to every customer. Learn more at (

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