Have you noticed lately a shift towards more natural beauty products or even zero/low waste beauty? Have you also noticed how everyone who talks about this more sustainable beauty trend says that it is unattainable because it is so expensive? Well, I'm here to tell you that, having a zero waste or low waste beauty routine, is actually really attainable for anyone and is seriously so aesthetically pleasing.

So, if you don't totally understand what Zero waste or low waste is, here is a quick rundown. When a person decides to live a zero waste life, it doesn't mean that they turn into a hippie, vegan super enthusiasts that don't shave or wear deodorant (Though if you don't shave or use deodorant that is totally OK too! All for you doing what makes you happy). What it means is you are more conscious of what and how much waste you are creating in your everyday life and reducing your overall carbon footprint. See? it's not some crazy trend or lifestyle the media or your friends and family seem to think it is.

So, now the question is, how do you make zero waste work for your beauty routine? Well, as someone who loves using beauty products to enhance my skin and play with, I thought this was impossible. I mean, basically, all of the makeup I have collected, used, and seen in stores have a crazy amount of one-time use packaging on them. I saw no end in which I wasn't going to be making more waste with all of the products I had. But, fear not, I eventually found a way to ensure my further use of my makeup would be more eco-friendly until I could finally start investing in my new zero waste/ low waste products.

The first step was to go through my makeup items and any beauty products and see what was expired, empty and recyclable. Then, the next thing to do would be to purge those expired bits and the empties and to stop buying new products. I know that last bit is probably going to be difficult, but the fact of the matter is, if you don't want to make more waste, then you need to stop purchasing those certain products. The point of this is to get the makeup you have used and to make your space clear so you can make room for the new products that you will not be throwing away.

Say you are finally through the previous step and now you're ready to get to the zero waste routine, well now what? Well first off, congratulations, you are officially on your way to being more green in your beauty routine! Now it's time to break down what you really need in your everyday beauty routine. Start with the basics, figure out your daily use of makeup, for me it's eyebrows, blush, mascara, highlighters, and lip products. Then for my skin care, I use facial creams and oils.

For the makeup, I have two brands that I can highly recommend you check out! First is Elate Cosmetics, a toxin-free, Vegan - Cruelty-Free, Clean, Gluten Free and Sustainable Packaging makeup brand. Basically, your zero waste makeup brand dream. Apart from being one of the cleaner brands, they also make transitioning to a ZW beauty routine a lot easier because of how pretty all of their make up packaging looks. As compared to their other beauty counterparts like, NARS or TARTE, who package their products in bulky plastic containers. Elate uses a beautiful Bamboo packaging on all of their products, which is compostable over the years, but more importantly for you, refillable. So not only is your vanity covered in beautiful bamboo tubes and compacts, but you're also being super environmentally conscious.

If you're looking for a more affordable low waste option for your beauty routine, LUSH cosmetics is a perfect option for you. Though their makeup selections are a lot more limited, they offer a similar kind of packaging options. Keep in mind that their packaging is not refillable but, it is recyclable! Everything from lush is also 00% vegan and cruelty-free! If you want to learn more about their ethical products, they actually have a tab that leads to more information!

For your skin care, you can also stick to a more ZW or LW lifestyle by DIY-ing your products or going to a bulking store that holds the kind of skin care you need. Places like Bulk Nation, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or Lucky's are great places to find certain oils or ingredients you might need. You can find more information about what oils and cleansers are easy to DIY for your certain skin type here. While you are creating your skin care routine, instead of buying certain cleansers in their own bottles, consider purchasing refillable glass bottles. This way you never have to worry about finding a place to recycle your old plastic bottles and it also reduces the amount of plastic you are bringing into your home.

Amazon has a lot of great selections for glass bottles and even bulk purchases for certain ingredients for your DIY skincare( just be sure that the products you are buying from their site can be recycled once you have used it up). A way to make these bottles and DIY products looking cute, I recommend getting a labeler. For inspiration, you can look at this Pinterest page that has so many cute bottles that will make your vanity/ bathroom looking super cute while still being low waste.

Going zero waste or low waste is so worth the hype, because at the end of the day, keeping our planet clean and clear or any waste is the ultimate goal, but you should also feel comfortable while achieving this goal. I hope you are able to get inspired and at least think about ways you can start being more sustainable in your regular routine!