After hearing great reviews about the movie and soundtrack, I finally got around to seeing "The Greatest Showman." I know that I am so late to the game since the movie came out early December, but I still can't get over how much I enjoyed it. I really recommend it to everyone just as much as I think that everyone should listen to the album (which just went platinum).

I remember first seeing trailers with Zac Efron, and this is why I became interested in movie. It was the first time since "High School Musical" that he was going to be in a musical. I think he made a great decision for "The Greatest Showman" to be that musical. It was so good to hear him singing again. I remember listening to his solo parts in "Rewrite the Stars," and I was really impressed with how mature and developed he sounded.

Before I ever saw the movie, I had been listening to the soundtrack on constant repeat. One of my favorite songs was "Rewrite the Stars," but after seeing the movie I really loved "The Other Side." I guess I didn't change too much since both songs contain Zac Efron, but "The Other Side" had such a playful banter and intricate choreography. I could go on and on about all the different songs on the album. It's funny that I try to name my favorite song because there really isn't a bad one on the album.

If you really want to see how cute Zac Efron is just watch the video below. I love how he looks so happy to be back in the studio. Check it out here.

I only wish that the musical focused more on the lives of the people in the circus. Obviously, I know that the movie was inspired by P.T Barnum's life, but somehow I felt that characters like Lettie and Tom were robbed of screen time. I wanted the plot to highlight the bond the characters found in the circus.

The ending also seemed sudden, and I just wanted more plot line. The movie was already an hour and a half, so I understand that the writers didn't want to lose the interest of the audience.

I recommend this movie to everyone. Plus, you'll get to see Zac Efron return to his singing roots.