Dear Zac Efron, Will You Come To My Graduation?

Dear Zac Efron, Will You Come To My Graduation?

I’m graduating pretty soon and literally, all I want is for Zac Efron to attend my graduation ceremony.

I remember when 'High School Musical' first premiered on Disney Channel.

I was six years old and I was trying not to miss one bit of it. I was so excited, jumping up and down when it started. Before the premiere, Disney had released some songs, so I already knew a few of them. When they started singing 'Start of Something New,' I was singing along. I didn’t sit down or leave the front of the TV screen once during the premiere of 'High School Musical.' I learned the dance to 'We’re All in this Together,' and I still remember it.

I’ve loved ‘High School Musical’ since day one. The songs, the story, the dance moves, all of it has been apart of my life. When I’m mad, I listen to ‘High School Musical,’ and when I’m sad, I listen to ‘High School Musical.’

When ‘High School Musical’ ended, I thought it was the end of seeing everyone in the cast. I thought that everyone from the cast wasn’t going to have the chance to be in other movies because you were never going to be able to get away from ‘High School Musical.’ But you did, you're one of the top movie stars in the world. And I really admire you for that. You might’ve run into some troubles along the way, but you got through them and kept going. You show great perseverance, and I look up to you because of that.

Another reason I admire you is that you don’t let things you’ve been through define who you are. You don’t run away from your problems. Instead, you embrace them and try to solve them. Because of this, you have inspired me to not let anything stop me from doing what I want and to preserve through the tough times because tough times never stop coming.

You started your career singing and dancing, but you wanted to show people that you had other talents and so you grew into roles that showed you could be funny and loving. But at the end of the day, every role you have played have had one thing in common which is that each role is a role that ends up helping another character in the movie.

Because of your preservation, I have gotten good grades despite being told by people I need to work harder. I stayed in the early college program even though taking college classes at the age 14 was hard. I have tried my best to make a difference in my community by giving presents during Christmas time to families that don’t have enough money and helping the child abuse and neglect council get updating resources to help more children.

I don’t want you at my graduation because you're hot, it’s because you’ve inspired and me and others to make yourself who you want to be, not who others want you to be.

By the way, my graduation is May 31st!

Cover Image Credit: HIRO KING//Flickr

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I Don’t Want To Admit It, But Math IS Important

Liberal Arts majors, this one is for you.


I hate math with a passion. But I think it's necessary.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about confusing trigonometry or calculus. I'm talking about basic algebra, geometry, and other everyday math functions.

I was never an A+ math student. My dad used to be a high school math teacher, so luckily for me, if I was struggling in my math classes, I would just come home and ask Dad to "tutor" me or prep me for my tests. I feel bad for anyone who had/has a hard time with math and doesn't have such a resourceful person in their life, because I don't think I would've passed my classes without him.

Now, I haven't taken a math class in at least three or four years, but I know that being out in the workforce requires at least basic math skills. How come they teach us how to divide square roots and not applicable things like how to calculate a good tip (shameless plug - always tip your waiters at least 20%) or discounts?

There are so many necessary skills you'll use for your entire life that are not taught in schools.

Long ago when I was in 3rd grade, one of my teachers read us a book called "A Day Without Math." The book basically went through a school day where there was no math. People couldn't see what speed their car was going, cash registers didn't work, clocks were nonexistent...basically, the entire world shut down. Whenever I was frustrated and angry about my math class or a certain problem, I tried to remember that book. As much as I despised going to a math class only to leave in frustration, I knew it was for my own good.

Because when you think about it, our world really wouldn't function without math!

I wish math classes would've focused on the usefulness and practicality of their teachings instead of what was written in the textbook. Having a dad who worked in the school system, I understood that the teachers had to follow a certain curriculum, so in a way, their hands were tied. But then the issue simply gets passed higher and higher up until you reach the people creating the textbooks and curriculum school systems buy and use.

Maybe there's something we can do, whether it's petitioning for more teaching kids more usable math skills or continuously asking your teachers why you're learning what you're learning. Advocate for yourself and for future generations to learn the skills necessary to survive in our modern world, but at the same time remember that the problem doesn't necessarily stem from teachers but the curriculum being decided at levels far above their pay grade.

Moral of the story - even though I know a good majority of us (especially us liberal arts majors) are not fans of mathematics, let's work on learning and remembering the basics so our world can keep on turning.

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