15 Ways Chopped Explained College Exams

I, for one, adore cooking shows. Whether it is worst cooks in America or kids baking championships, nothing in the world makes me happier than watching cooking shows. But when I can't what them because of school I am thinking about how the describe my life as a college student and exams. Here are fifteen ways the show Chopped, describes college exams.

1. When your professor tries to make a joke about the exam but you already knew you failed

Come on dude, we already get that it didn't go well. Don't add salt to the wound.

2. When you see question one and try to drink the pain of failure away

Trying to get that information through osmosis

3. When your friend text you at 2AM and ask how studying for the test is going

I am dying.....just don't ask

4. When you get to your 8:30AM class and forget you had an exam

When nightmares come true

5. When your professor asks you how you felt about the exam

I answered four questions. I drew you many pictures for the rest

6. When that one girl in your class complains about getting an A- when you barely got a D


7. When you hear the final is cumulative and you're screaming inside but trying to look cool about it

I can't remember everything.....please don't make me. *screaming eternally*

8. When you look at the questions o the test and none of them are for the chapters you read because the professor says it's "common sense"

Never assume I know anything. Everything is relative and my brain hurts.

9. When the professor uses a word and expects you to know it because the rest of the class does


10. When the whole class fails and you think the professor can't fail everyone

They can......and they will.

11. When you want to see your exam but the professor says you can't have it until the end of class

You have to understand that I can't think of anything else but how to tell my mama I failed

12. When you are your best friend get the same grade on the exam

Two fails make a pass right?

13. When you forget your take home exam at your home over break

.....and you live five hours away.....

14. When the professor says something in the lecture and says "don't worry, it won't be on the exam" but then it is

This is the root of all evil

15. When you enter a point in the semester where you can't study anymore or your brain will explode

I didn't know the answers yesterday, why would I today?

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