Columbia University, You Need To Do Better

Columbia University, You Need To Do Better

Columbia University accepted 800 students accidentally this week only to break their hears an hour later when they send out an email rejecting them and apologizing for the mistake.

Applying to college is both a stressful and exciting process. And this admissions cycle has been a rough one for the 277 perspective Columbia University students who were accepted to Columbia just to be rejected an hour later with an email apologizing for the mistake within their admissions office.

I remember getting my acceptance letter to West Virginia University, and to my top choice, Point Park University. When I opened the letter from Point Park University in the elevator of their parking garage after a campus visit, there were no words to describe the joy I felt. When I opened my acceptance letter to West Virginia University, I also felt the unexplainable joy of knowing where I could be spending my next four years. I ended up calling West Virginia University my home for the following years.

On Wednesday, 277 future college students got accepted into their first choice graduate school: Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. I cannot imagine the joy they felt as they learned their hard work paid off to finally become a Columbia University graduate student. Moments later, the 277 students who were accepted got an email stating that Columbia University was "deeply sorry" for the "human error," but they were actually not accepted into the university.

On Wednesday, these students' dreams came true only to have their hearts broken moments later when their acceptance letter turned into a rejection letter. These graduate students who were hoping to get a master's in public heath, science, or health administration got a glimpse of their dream, but were then told that Columbia University "deeply apologized for this miscommunication" and that they "value the energy and enthusiasm that the applicants bring to the admissions process, and regret the stress and confusion caused by this mistake."

This isn't the first time that this has happened in the college admissions system. In 2016, Carnegie Mellon University sent acceptance letters to over 800 perspective students and proceeded to pull their acceptance claiming that it was a mistake. Also in 2016, New York's University at Buffalo sent out 5,109 acceptance emails on accident to perspective students who were supposed to be denied admission. In 2009, University of California in San Diego accidentally accepted 28,000 perspective students. Other universities who have done this are Johns Hopkins, Tulane University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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To The Parent Who Chose Addiction

Thank you for giving me a stronger bond with our family.


When I was younger I resented you, I hated every ounce of you, and I used to question why God would give me a parent like you. Not now. Now I see the beauty and the blessings behind having an addict for a parent. If you're reading this, it isn't meant to hurt you, but rather to thank you.

Thank you for choosing your addiction over me.

Throughout my life, you have always chosen the addiction over my programs, my swim meets or even a simple movie night. You joke about it now or act as if I never questioned if you would wake up the next morning from your pill and alcohol-induced sleep, but I thank you for this. I thank you because I gained a relationship with God. The amount of time I spent praying for you strengthened our relationship in ways I could never explain.

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Thank you for giving me a stronger bond with our family.

The amount of hurt and disappointment our family has gone through has brought us closer together. I have a relationship with Nanny and Pop that would never be as strong as it is today if you had been in the picture from day one. That in itself is a blessing.

Thank you for showing me how to love.

From your absence, I have learned how to love unconditionally. I want you to know that even though you weren't here, I love you most of all. No matter the amount of heartbreak, tears, and pain I've felt, you will always be my greatest love.

Thank you for making me strong.

Thank you for leaving and for showing me how to be independent. From you, I have learned that I do not need anyone else to prove to me that I am worthy of being loved. From you, I have learned that life is always hard, but you shouldn't give into the things that make you feel good for a short while, but should search for the real happiness in life.

Most of all, thank you for showing me how to turn my hurt into motivation.

I have learned that the cycle of addiction is not something that will continue into my life. You have hurt me more than anyone, but through that hurt, I have pushed myself to become the best version of myself.

Thank you for choosing the addiction over me because you've made me stronger, wiser, and loving than I ever could've been before.

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Teaching Is An Amazing Career, It's More Powerful Than We Give It Credit For

Teaching is a career that is heavily overlooked — it is much more powerful than people realize.


When it comes to teaching, it's not always easy or fun. But, let me ask you this: what career really is easy or fun all the time? Being challenged can beneficial. Otherwise, you are just going through the same routine over and over. Teaching will definitely keep you on your toes because there's always something happening.

People seem to think teachers just lecture on information that they hope their students remember for the test. You know what? Those people are dead wrong. Teaching is more than that. Teaching means having the passion and drive to educate children. Teaching is turning something dull to something that students will find more interesting and enjoyable.

Teaching is also about providing tools and other resources for students in order for them to succeed, especially the ones who tend to struggle in school. Being able to give those tools to help them accomplish their goals is extremely rewarding. A teacher will work with a student who is behind on his/her reading skills to have him/her be right at the level he/she needs to be by the end of the school year. Not many jobs provide a reward quite like guiding a student, if not more, to success.

Although it focuses on academics, teaching is not just about that. Sure, being an effective teacher is key, but there are other aspects that are just as significant. As a teacher, you also have to connect with your students. Knowing your students on a personal level is so important. The connection can build respect that will, in turn, help them to succeed. Plus, students spend more time with you on a day-to-day basis than they do with their parents — isn't that frightening? So, you have to be able to support them and let them know them that you are there for them if they are having trouble.

Additionally, that connection you build with your students can last a lifetime. You can witness the growth of a student right in front of you. In fact, I am still very close with some of my teachers from elementary school. Many of them inspired me to become a teacher. Because of those great bonds I built, I had the opportunity to intern with some of my past teachers, which was a rewarding experience for everyone. Being able to develop such a connection with someone so different in age is something that is so powerful and that doesn't come with many other careers.

Teaching is so amazing. There are so many layers and beautiful aspects to it. Again, it can be difficult, but it's also a lot of fun. Not many people can say they have fun and laugh every day at work. I also truly believe that not many other people can say their careers provide as rewarding of a feeling as teaching does. To be able to make such a difference in someone's life is an incredible thing. Teaching is my passion. I know teaching will not be only gratifying but something that will bring me pure joy.

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