08 March 2018 // At Troy University

YouTubers You Should Watch, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Finding new YouTubers to watch is difficult, but look no further!

Kelsi Mills

Finding new YouTubers to watch can be difficult, especially when there are so many creators now. In the midst of 'fake news,' amongst many popular creators, this list will ease your search of finding a new inspiration in your life, because it's tailored specifically for you!

1. Aries - The Try Guys (Buzzfeed)

The Try Guys from Buzzfeed are constantly challenging each other and get very competitive, Ned especially. There are tons of videos great for binge-watching and are perfect for Aries!

2. Taurus - Threadbanger

Threadbanger is a DIY account ran by Rob and Corinne, and they have tons of Pinterest fails and successes to watch for hours nonstop!

3. Gemini - Dolan Twins

Grayson and Ethan are probably some of the funniest brothers on social media, and their channel has so many entertaining videos it's hard to not watch all of them at once!

4. Cancer - Cole & Sav

Cancer's are all about romance and family, and Cole&Sav's channel is exactly that! I dare any Cancer out there to watch their wedding video without crying.

5. Leo - Logan Paul

Leo's love themselves, and so does Logan Paul. Logan has had some very questionable mistakes in the past, but everyone has. His videos are still very interesting and perfect for a Leo.

6. Virgo - ThatcherJoe

ThatcherJoe, aka Joe Sugg, is an OG YouTuber who makes AMAZING content. He's also a fellow Virgo, so go subscribe and watch his awesome videos!

7. Libra - Alonzo Lerone

Alonzo has many different series on his channel, which are all super hilarious. His humor is great for everyone, but especially Libra's!

8. Scorpio - James Charles

Scorpio's are commonly misunderstood, usually being pegged as the least resilient, but are actually go-getters! James Charles strives for nothing less than the best, and are great for a Scorpio to watch.

9. Sagittarius - Buzzfeed's Unsolved

Sagittarius' are extremely intuitive and are always searching for knowledge, and Buzzfeed's Unsolved with Ryan and Shane are a constant brain quest.

10. Capricorn - Bella Fiori

Bella is a very versatile creator, from daily vlogs to unsolved crime videos, she has it all, and is a Capricorn's best friend.

11. Aquarius - Aspyn Ovard

Aspyn is such a sweet YouTuber, and definitely caters to every Aquarius' needs.

12. Pisces - Glam&Gore

Mikey is such a talented makeup artist and is separated by doing glamorous makeup and gore makeup, much like the Pisces sign.

So, now that you've got a new creator to watch, what are you doing? Go support the newest generations of entertainment!