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5 YouTubers You NEED to Watch

If you love makeup, clothes, gossip, and more, you will love these YouTubers and Beauty Influencers.


I love a good binge-watch session on YouTube probably more than the average person. And it's clear, some YouTubers are more entertaining than others. Whether it's beauty, clothes, hauls, or absolute ridiculousness, these YouTubers rose to the top of my ranks.

1. Jackie Aina

IG: @jackieaina

Jackie Aina is under-appreciated and needs more attention. She posts honest reviews, bomb makeup tutorials, and the most entertaining videos you will ever see. She is radiant and positive, and a dash of sass in there too. Most notably, she just helped Too Faced expand their Born This Way foundation line to include deeper and darker shades. All of the applause for Queen Jackie.

2. The Try Guys

IG: @tryguys

Talk about hilarity. The Try Guys are the funniest guys on YouTube, and they are kind and open, too. Each Try Guy has a different personality. Their videos range from labor pain simulations all the way to eating everything on the menu from Taco Bell. If you need a good laugh, check these guys out.

3. Jessica Braun

IG: @jambeauty89

Jessica Braun posts awesome beauty tutorials and reviews, but the best part of her channel is her declutters. She has a whole decluttering series, and it has inspired me on several occasions to get rid of my old eyeshadows and weird eyeliners I never use. She is sweet and funny, and just like Miss Aina, keeps it real.

4. Safiya Nygaard

IG: @safiyany

This. Woman. Is. A. National. Treasure. She worked on Ladylike at BuzzFeed and then launched her own YouTube channel which has gained almost 6 million subscribers in less than two years. Wowza. She posts videos like "I Got A Tokyo Makeover" where she actually went to Japan and was styled based on what the people there usually wear. Her videos are, by far, the most original on YouTube.

5. Ladylike

IG: @buzzfeedladylike

Ladylike is a channel from Buzzfeed. It includes a few women with different personalities (much like The Try Guys) making fun, entertaining, and sometimes educational videos. I love Ladylike because all of the women in it are so like-able and hilarious for different reasons.

There we have it, folks! My five favorite YouTubers that I am always hitting refresh on to see if they have a new video. Check them out and support them or the YouTubers you like because more support means more money for them, and the ability to produce higher quality videos for us, or to do things that make them happy. (They deserve it after making us laugh and be happy so much, too.)

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IG: @jackieaina

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5 Mac Miller Songs You Need To Listen To Keep His Legacy Alive In 2019

Months after his passing, Mac Miller's music is still in my constant rotation.


If anyone reading this follows me on social media or talks to me somewhat consistently, they already know how much recently I have been in a niche for Mac Miller. A few weeks ago on Twitter, an NPR Tiny Desk concert popped up on my feed (check out that NPR video here) and it just pushed me into a craving to listen to some Mac Miller.

While it was extremely difficult for me to funnel this down to five songs, I found it suiting to limit myself to this. By no means am I saying that any of these songs are the best off the album or the best from Mac in general, just some that I find very powerful.

1. Self Care - Swimming

This song came off his last album released shortly before his passing. This is personally one of my favorite songs of all time. The idea of 'self care' is something that has overtaken multiple social media platforms and slowly has become something that's original meaning has been taken out of context. Miller battled heavily with addiction and in other songs talked about his struggles. In this song, many are comforted by the lyrics, "Self care, I'm treatin' me right, yeah
Hell yeah, we gonna be alright."

2. BDE Bonus - Best Day Ever

The beginning of this song is a crescendo into a beat that loops for most of the song. Its combination of uplifting sound and carefree lyrics are a throwback to Miller's beginnings in the music industry. Miller also talks about his rise to fame in the music industry and how people used to not believe in him. "No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile. Pursuit to be happy, only laughing like a child. I never thought life would be this sweet. It got me cheesin' from cheek to cheek, aye, aye"

3. 100 Grandkids - GO:OOD AM

The first lines of this song are somber for me. The first time I listened to this song after Mac Miller's passing I seriously cried, "I made a promise to my momma. That I'll bless her with some grandkids, she can spoil them". Miller continues talking about how he is just living life until he meets the one to settle down with and love. I have grown to love the lyrics more than feel sad for them and this too is on my list of favorite songs.

4. Stay - The Divine Feminine 

This songs focal point is asking for his love to not leave him and, fitting with the song title, stay. The lyrics express not only the pain he feared from his relationship ending but the love that he had for his companion and the time they had shared together already.

5. Knock Knock

This song has hella nostalgia to me, this was the first song by Mac Miller I heard back in 2010. I vividly remember being 9 watching the music video for this one night on Music Choice back before AT&T U-Verse became DirecTV (talk about a throwback). The upbeat lyrics and beat made me giggle and the music video was even more entertaining. His album "K.I.D.S." came out that summer featuring other classic Mac Miller songs like 'Nikes on My Feet', 'Senior Skip Day' and 'Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza'.

This one goes out to you Mac, rest easy. If you would like a playlist that includes some artists that have similar sounds or often collaborated with him, check out one of my playlists here.

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