It's summer and that means it's prime vacation season. Many people are now beginning to plan their trips for the summer whether they are traveling abroad or taking a good old fashioned road trip. When I am planning a vacation, I like to do research on my destination to see what are the best places to go and eat and maybe even some stops to make along the way. Here are five Youtube channels that can help you plan your trip and are fun to watch based on the type of trip you might be taking.

Road Trip

The Carpetbagger

Jake the Carpetbagger focuses many of his videos on quirky roadside attractions. He drives everywhere he goes and has featured many interesting places on his journeys. He and another youtuber did a trip down Route 66, the ultimate road trip, and he also did a series of videos on his road trip from his hometown in North Carolina to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. These are just a couple examples of the various videos you can find on his channel.

Traveling Abroad

The Bucket List Family

The Bucket List Family is a couple who are travel journalists that travel around the world with their three children. They have been to several different countries all of which are well documented on their channel. They also do volunteer work sometimes on their journeys and try to immerse themselves in the culture of the place as much as they can.

Traveling the States

Visit the USA

Visit the USA features videos of places all across the United States. Their videos range from road trips to places to eat to places to visit. The videos are also very short, so you will not have to worry about sifting through hours and hours of footage.

Disney World/Disneyland

The Tim Tracker/The Daily Woo

The Tim Tracker focuses mainly on Disney World in Florida and branches out some into the other theme parks in Orlando. He and his wife do lots of videos in Disney World featuring the many festivals and new things going on in the park as well as popular attractions. The Daily Woo focuses on Disneyland in California. He, like the Tim Tracker, features the many things going on at Disneyland. He also branches out to other attractions as well and sometimes pairs up with other Youtubers like the Carpetbagger.

All Types of Travel

The Travel Channel

The Travel Channel's Youtube channel features videos about places all around the world. They have many different videos about various subjects such as traveling on a budget, attractions, and places to eat. They also feature clips from their TV shows.