I get it: college is hard. There are times when college completely sucks and I want to give up and go home. What really matters is what you do with these feelings. Do you give up and go home or do you dig in your heels and get it done? I used to give up. I would stop trying for the day or week. And it hurt me academically. But I learned something recently that really stuck. It reminded me why I was here.

I was asked, "If time and money were no issues, and whatever you set your mind to, you could not fail, what would you be doing?"

It's a HARD question.

It took me a while to answer, and it will probably take you a while too. But this question is the KEY to being able to always buckle down and get it done. Once you figure out the answer to this question, the next one you need to ask yourself if "Why am I not doing it now?"

Why aren't you doing whatever you can right now to make it a possibility? Why aren't you in that club? Why aren't you studying? You know what you want, go get it. College is the one time that you can explore so many different interests and learn about new ones. This is the time to do whatever it is you want to do.

If grades aren't your priority, why are you stressing so hard over studying? If clubs aren't your priority, why are you in so many organizations? What you're doing should match up with what your goals.

College doesn't last forever. Don't let it go by without doing what you want.