During these next few weeks, most college kids will be coming home for the summer and even if you are a year higher than a freshman, you can relate to what happens. When you come home for the summer, it's almost like everything has changed. Members of your family who weren't friends before are now and sometimes the rules change too. Sometimes, they talk about things and people and you just have to nod your head and pretend like you know what's going on. Also when you come from college, you realize just how out of touch you are with the culture where you live.

Whenever I come home, the first thing I notice is the language that is being used. I usually don't understand what my siblings are saying when they talk in memes or slides or whatever people watch on their phones now. They use slang that I've never heard before and it makes me so confused. A word advice with this, you can either try to learn the new slang that is being spoken or you can just continue to act like a grandpa like me. Honestly, I don't know what people in high school are saying.

The second thing I notice is the change of structure. What I mean by this is who is in charge of certain things and who does what. This also includes a different set up of the house or your room because maybe your parents turned your room into a gym while you were gone. I don't actually know anyone's parents who have done this. A way you can deal with structure is just kind of merging into life and allowing yourself to just kind of fall into place. An important thing to remember when dealing with this is, they have been living without you for about eight months, so you have to adjust, not the other way around.

The next is dealing with being forgotten. I know that when I am home sometimes, my family just kind of forgets about me. Maybe it's going somewhere or doing something. Don't worry, it will happen to you. This will also happen when they are telling stories and can't remember if you were here or not. You have to understand and forgive them because imagine being your parents and having to remember where your kids are at all times. Don't get mad if they forget one thing, they aren't just a parent to you, in my case they are parents to three other people.

You will never put your stuff in drawers again. If you're anything like me, I keep my stuff from college in my bag for as long as I can because I just don't want to put it away. Last summer, I eventually did put them away in drawers, but then a month or two later, I just had to get them back out. I keep my college stuff in its boxes all summer long and don't open them until I'm getting ready to move back to school. You will slowly realize just how much stuff you own and then remember that you actually did use all of it.

When you are up at school, you are the only person in charge of you and you get to decide what you want to do and eat and everything. When you come home, that all goes away because your parents are now in charge again. The first time you come home, there will probably be a good amount of arguments, but they'll go away. You and your parents will have to work together because you are no longer a high school kid, you are an independent college student.

While you're at home, if you feel weird and almost like you don't belong at home, don't worry it will go away and you'll back to normal. Your parents might get onto you about grades and how you're not doing anything, but don't worry, they just want what's best for you and they want to give you what they didn't get. Remember while you're at home to appreciated your parents and even if you feel like it's killing you, in a short three months, you'll be back on your own.