Why It's Okay To Have Different Versions Of Your "True Self"

"Words are not chameleons but people are." -Jaya Luniwal

This quote, to me, is the embodiment of individual identity. Chameleons are some of the most unique creatures, continually shifting in order to blend in to their surroundings. While some may see this as being "two faced" I believe this process is one that most people are invariably experiencing. For years, I have struggled periodically with the idea that I must "be my true self" or "embrace my identity". But why must there be just one version of me? Why must my "true self" be limited to one behavior, one emotion, one feeling, one passion? I am multidimensional and ever changing.

With this change comes inevitable growth nonetheless. The same "true self" I embodied five years ago is not the same "true self" I proudly exalt today.

I am confident that I am not the only college student who struggles with finding herself. In a time in which we are pushed head on outside of our comfort zones, there is a plethora of experiences waiting to happen. Until we go through and grow through these experiences, our "true selves" whirl in a constant cycle. I find this beautiful.

In life, we are not meant to stay in one place. To remain unchanged, completely unphased throughout our years--especially our colleges years-- is implausible. In terms of value and morale, stagnancy may be ignorance. If my "true self" is my beliefs at 2 in the morning, should it not also be my beliefs at 2 in the afternoon? If my "true self" wants to sit in a coffee shop and write in a journal at the crack of dawn yet decide half way through writing that I would rather leave and spend the rest of my night laughing with friends, why can I not be both of these people simultaneously? Just as chameleons change their colors periodically, we are in a ubiquitous state of change. Thank God for that. I moved to college, and so many aspects of my life changed drastically-- why shouldn't I change with it?

You may be independent and analytical when alone, and jovial and outgoing when you are with others. You are one hundred percent you, all of the time. Your "true self" may not be limited to one stage of your life, one phase of your day. Adapt.Grow. Embrace your inner chameleon and let the world change you for the better.

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