Your Social Media Presence Matters

Your Social Media Presence Matters

Why it is important to watch what you post and share on social media

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Our generation has grown up with social media dating all the way back to the Myspace-era. You probably even found this post through a platform like Facebook or Twitter. Social media has become a huge part of our daily routine. We use social media to digest information and share our lives with one another. We post about our accomplishments and our frustrations. We share photos of our favorite memories and our best selfies. We use social media as a form of entertainment and a way to stay connected but sometimes we don't think about what we are posting and how it is perceived by those who see it on the opposite end.

Have you ever Googled yourself? If so, do you like what you see? Would you want your parents or future employer to see what comes up? Maintaining a clean social media account isn't just important for future employers, it protects your reputation. Everything that you post on social media stays on social media...even if you press the delete button it might still be out there in the world and you won't even know it. What if that scandalous photo that you took at the party comes up 20 years from now when you are running for office? What if that rant you posted on Twitter about a particular person or company ends up being your next employer? What if you just offended someone with your rant about a particular group of people? You wouldn't want your past to interfere with your present which is why it is important to watch what you do on social media now.

"But my profile is private." Face it, nothing is private on the internet. If you post a rant about a person who you don't like, chances are someone who is following you will screenshot and send to that person. It is important to be cautious about what we say or share on our social media profiles. Know your audience and if you are unsure if you should post something think to yourself, if you wouldn't want your grandparents to see this then you shouldn't post it. You have the freedom to express yourself but do so in a way that won't come back to haunt you. Save yourself from years of embarrassment and lost opportunities and be careful what you post on social media.

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