We all have that one friend that we will always consider our best friend, or our soul sister, no matter what.

The person who has been by our side since elementary school or the friend that you met along the journey in high school and continue to be best friends with in college; even if you don't see each other every day.

To better help explain this relationship, I thought I'd supply some gifs from The Office.

1. You always know what the other one is thinking.


2. When you see each other for the first time in forever... (aka like one day).

3. You encourage each other to go out shopping and spend your money "because that's what it's for" and then you check your bank account.

4. You and her go out for the first time in forever and are living for it.


5. When you leave each other for college and you can't accept it.


6. When your best friend makes plans with someone else and you're clingy.

7. When you miss your best friend and you just wish they were there with you.

8. When you call each other to gossip about life.

9. When you and your best friend start venting to each other and you realize you truly do love them and appreciate them.

10. When people call your best friend their best friend.


All jokes aside, having a best friend through these inconsistent times in our lives is the best gift that we could be given. Nothing beats having a tough day and being able to go straight to your friend and vent. To have them just be there for you means the world. Best friends make the world go 'round.