Your Makeup Could Be Toxic For You

Your Makeup Could Be Toxic For You

And just when I thought I found my holy grail nude lip...bummer.


How is it that I've gone twenty-two years on this planet and not stopped to consider the ingredients in my face and body products? I've been wearing makeup for as long as I've been allowed. Growing up, I could makeup twice a week and on special occasions. I used to stash makeup in my backpack so I could put it on in the school bathroom without getting caught. Today, makeup is my passion. Makeup is how I express myself and showcase my creativity. Every approaching holiday, most people get excited about the food or celebrations. Meanwhile, I can't contain myself over the new product releases and makeup looks I'm waiting to create. While I don't wear makeup every day, I can't go one day without other products, including deodorant or lotion. For years, I've had a consistent daily skincare routine.

Yet, it wasn't until recently that I took the time to research my product ingredients, the daily items that absorb into my skin and seep into my pores.

At this point, you're probably picturing your bathroom cabinet, wondering which products are safe. Don't worry, you don't need a Ph.D. in Chemistry to differentiate safe products from harmful ones. Recently, I attended an event when the owner of Skin Owl Cosmetics introduced me to Think Dirty, an app that scans products and rates them on a numerical scale, indicating the safeness. The app lists ingredients and color codes them to illustrate toxicity.

I was devastated to find some of my favorite brands and products contain Talc, an ingredient known to cause cancer. More heartbreaking was the realization that on average, drugstore makeup contains worse ingredients than high-end makeup. As a college student, I'm accustomed to cheap everything. Cup of Noodles is a weekly meal.

I bet you're curious if I tossed ALL my unsafe products. The answer...nah. While I would normally use any excuse to shop, I'm still balling on a budget.

By no means does this change my love for makeup. I will continue wearing lipstick and lashes until I die. Catch me in my grave with full GLAM because in no way am I leaving this world in any other fashion. Still, it didn't hurt to toss out my most toxic products that were probably expired anyway.

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Learn To See Your Goals Come To Life By Following These 5 Steps

It's easy to see all the choices and possible futures and then be paralyzed of where to proceed or even what to do at the moment.


There's so much to do and see in the world sometimes it feels so overwhelming that the prospect of it all scares you. It's easy to see all the choices and possible futures and then be paralyzed of where to proceed or even what to do in the moment. However, there are many ways to try to manage and process through all the fear of uncertainty and indecision about where and how to proceed.

1. Determine your goals or your ideal future

This sounds a lot simpler than it actually is. It requires the emotional intelligence to know and acknowledge what makes you happy and how to do that and the self-awareness and resources to know how these desires and thoughts translate from your emotions. So, write down on a piece of paper things that matter to you and things that make you happy. These should be things you can't live without and that are meaningful.

2. Determine what and who can help support you in your goals

Finding a genuine support network is rare but definitely achievable. This also is only possible if you have already established boundaries. You are valuable and deserve others who treat you with respect and appreciation, want to promote your happiness, and will support you every step of the way. Also establishing what you think you'll need to have you achieve your goals is important. Knowing the necessary resources you need and can rely on is invaluable. Asking for advice from the support network or doing research on your own are both great starts. Write the people and resources down on the sheet of paper as well.

3. Take the time to come up with a game plan

Having a rough idea of how and where you want to proceed is the first step to completing your goals. Taking your idea of the future and taking physical steps to achieve it helps to catalyze your reaching of goals. It establishes the right mindset to complete your goal, as well. With your paper, outline your game plan.

The steps should be realistic and achievable goals. Be honest with yourself how long you expect these tasks to take. Rank them on a scale for hardness and estimated time to achieve goals. Throughout all of this, it is important to be honest and realistic with yourself but also forgiving and compassionate with your limitations. It is important to meet yourself where you are at but also know that your growth is only starting.

4. Stay motivated and tell others your goals

Having established goals and supportive friends and family will help you to stay true to your goals and stay focused and motivated. Stay ambitious! Knowing what you want and how you can achieve it will give you the necessary foundation to keep achieving your goals and as long as the end goal is not lost sight of. You will continue to take little steps towards your goals through everything you do by following the plan. But know the plan is also an outline of the timeline and steps that can always be altered.

5. Know it's OK to be overwhelmed at times but stay positive and don't give up

Anxieties and fears will eventually materialize. "Am I really doing what I want? "Will this make me happy?" "Should I really be doing this or should I give up?" All of these are fears that will eventually come up. It's OK to be overwhelmed because life is overwhelming. It's easy to be saddened as life has many setbacks and struggles and reasons for strife and fear. However, staying positive but also realistic will keep you motivated and help you get the most out of life. The important thing is to not give up and rely on your support network.

I am proud of you, as are all your friends and loved ones. You have fought the good fight. And to keep going is the greatest proof of bravery and strength. You can keep going. You will achieve your goals. You've been doing a great job and will continue to do great things.

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10 Things Your Average College Kid Will Likely Be Doing This Holiday Break

We just finished finals...give us a break.


Don't get me wrong, every student is unique in some way or another. To be honest, though...most college kids probably don't know what that special, unique feature is yet. I can't even tell you how many times people have asked me what I want to be when I grow up. When I was five, I answered, "a princess." When I was ten, I said, "an Olympic gymnast." Now I'm a senior in college and here's my answer...ASK ME WHEN I'M RETIRED.

Yeah, I'm supposed to be an adult or whatever you call them. Don't worry, I'm still a responsible daughter as I am beginning my Christmas present shopping (for people other than myself) this week. T-minus 10 days until Christmas. OMG, not panicking. IT'S FINE, I'M FINE, EVERYTHING'S FINE. Deep Breaths. Winter break is great: you get to spend all the money you don't have on presents that won't belong to you, you get to see your favorite little cousin who "plays" with your hair like it's her Barbie's, and get to make a bunch of fake promises to yourself for the New Year when the whole world knows you'll break that promise on January 2nd, 2019.

In all seriousness though, I LEGIT love the holidays! Being with family and friends is what it's all about, especially after a long week of rough finals and bitter students EVERYWHERE! But now it's time to chill.

Here's everything I expect from my college friends this winter break:

1. A text message that reads: I can't hang out because my family is going to my Grandpa and Grandma's annual Christmas party

I've been waiting all quarter to see you, and now you tell me you're still not home yet? I need you more than your grandparents do, come home now please and thank you.

- Your Best Friend

2. A confession: I'm a broke college kid, I can't buy you anythinnnnnng

Yeah, I'm making gifts this year hehe.

3. A party: To celebrate finals being over and/or prepare for those final grades

Tis the season, to be REAL jolly!

4. A useless present: Although, I love avocados, so I'd be pretty stoked

Image: It's an Avocado ! on Make a GIF

I made a Christmas list this year and sent it out to the whole fam. Watch me get five of the same exact gift.

5. Pure laziness: To loungeeeeee all day every day

Catch me inside, how bout that? It's freezing.

6. A true holiday: In other words, some sort of gift exchange

If one more person steals my gift during White Elephant, I quit.

7. Tears: When daring to check those final grades

Yeah, sorry Professor, you're getting a bad teacher evaluation. Thank you, next.

8. Lies: When they claim to be getting into shape

Biiiiiiiiiiish, please, your Snapchat location says you're at Taco Bell, not the gym.

9. More lies: Dieting

Can't get enough of that Dorritos Locos Taco from the Bell.

10. THE UNSPEAKABLE LIE: Practicing that New Year's resolution

My New Year's Resolution this year you might stop making them!

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