Your Love Life In A Nutshell, Based On Your Zodiac
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Your Love Life In A Nutshell, Based On Your Zodiac

Whether you put the 'hot' in 'psychotic' or the 'uh' in 'love', the stars reveal your love life.

Your Love Life In A Nutshell, Based On Your Zodiac
Donna Irene

You know how there's just some people that almost seem like they're made for relationships? Then there's some that seem like they aren't made for relationships? Then there are those who you can't even understand at all? We all want to be loved, and we all want to love someone. However, we all have our quirks and tendencies in which our personalities play a part. This affects who we choose to be, or not to be, in relationships with.

We each view and go about love differently. While everyone's situation is different, we can use zodiacs to gain a better understanding of how our personalities affect our love lives in a general sense. So if you put the hot in psychotic, maybe you can find an answer to this in the stars.

1. Aries (March 21-April 19): "That don't impress me much."

The fierce, fiery Aries. Notice the Shania Twain reference I made here. This song in itself is the Aries love life in a nutshell. You are one with great intensity. You're a real go-getter, and this includes who you pursue as friends and even lovers. You need someone who has their ways of impressing you, and more importantly someone who is willing to grow with you. You're fast-paced, Aries, and anyone deeply involved with you has to be able to keep up. Anyone who isn't willing to rise for a challenge is not one you really care to invest in.

The Aries mindset revolves around building a powerful friendship, relationship, and life. You like people who not only excite you, but also those who can bring more meaningful things to the table. You are strong and realistic. You don't have time or energy for anything superficial. As the driven, independent person that you are, being single and by yourself is fine by you. This allows you to focus on yourself, which for you is something to always look forward to.

Aries, you are all about love when you find someone who meets your expectations. It's hard to say you have high or unrealistic expectations (like Leo); you just have specific expectations for yourself and partner. If someone fits the shoe, then you'll let them wear it. Once a relationship blooms, you find yourself eager to provide love, affection, or anything your partner needs. You may have a strong personality, but whoever the lucky one is for you also gets to experience a strong love once you deem them worthy of such.

2. Taurus (April 20-May 20): "I don't want anyone except the one who doesn't want me."

You are one who tends to refrain from relationships, Taurus. You're cautious, and also you're someone who is slow to get attached. Some may lose patience with you as they wait on you to show any interest or commitment. It doesn't take you forever, but a lot of people want you— like, now. What can I say? You're humorous, fun, and sensible. You have great friendship qualities, and many find a friend in you before finding more. Some grow to really like you; however, you just can't get yourself on the same page. This is partially from your having a set of expectations that they should meet, but also since you're slower to develop feelings.

You stay in the 'friend' mindset as others start liking you. You are not so much emotionally driven. Not knowing how to react, you probably dismiss or avoid it. And yes, this makes some grow frustrated with you. On the flip side, you eventually find someone you really end up liking. However, it's likely that they don't want the same things as you. Until your time comes where you do find someone you're committed to, this just becomes a cycle for you. You may not be emotional on the surface, but the right person brings out your romantic side.

When you have finally found someone, you're a great partner. You're sensible, yet you don't mind enjoying the finer things in life with them. You give them the independence that you seek in return, but you just have to balance your protectiveness with your possessiveness. Yes, Taurus, we all know you can get a little cray-cray when things don't go your way. When you're with someone you're secure and happy with, it's quite surprising how quickly you can go from friendzoning yourself to the "relationship type."

3. Gemini (May 21-June 20): "I have a mental list of things to do on it.... and a relationship with you may or may not be on that."

The pool is the relationship, and you are the boy catching himself before falling in. I think Geminis get a bad rep when it comes to relationships. Oddly, people assume you are the one with infidelity and commitment issues. You are known as the 'player' of the zodiac. However, I'll defend you, Gemini. In reality, you're just like your fellow air signs— independence is a thing that no one can crush for you. You are an intellectual sign with many perspectives. You're perfectly fine until anyone attempts infringing on your freedom or doesn't honor your beliefs. While Libra will be gently honest and Aquarius finds their way around things, you just dip the hell out. You are the twins due to your complex nature. You have the side that you show people, then another side that is more internal. This makes it hard for others to understand you.

You owe no one anything, nor do you owe an explanation. You are in touch with your inner self; therefore, that's all that really matters to you. You don't have the time or energy to make others understand you. For you, part of it is the thrill of them trying to figure you out. Another part is likely that your mind has a lot it is processing. No one can fully explain a Gemini until observing their specific behavior since they are known for being unpredictable. People never know what to expect or if they can trust you, which is why it is common to a Gemini either singling and always mingling, or they simply keep to themselves and people they care about.

That's what is fascinating about you. You don't really like being alone, but your need for change means you need someone who can adjust to that change— and with relationships, many don't want to do this. Some can't handle this because they feel unstable with you. However, your issue isn't commitment or loyalty itself. Once you find someone that intrigues you and has their ways of making things interesting, then you have no problem settling down and experiencing change with them. It's all about who is actually willing to figure you out and be alongside with you during life shenanigans.

4. Cancer (June 21-July 22): "They love me..... they love me not."

Cancer, there's no doubt you're the romantic type. Anyone who enters your life is bound to experience someone who is selfless and loving. Like other water signs, people typically associate you with those who are usually in a relationship. While this can be true for many Cancers, this isn't always the case. When you aren't in a relationship, it's typically for one of these two reasons: you’ve either been screwed over in the past, or you are trying to avoid it from happening to begin with. Your emotions are fragile to you, and you protect them at all costs. When those you love hurt you, you either dwell on them because you care about your feelings, or you block them out to avoid hurting yourself. Then, you are one to not say anything because you try making others happy.

Amongst all signs, Cancer is one of the most sensitive and kind. You’re emotionally driven in all areas of life, and the little things are what matter most to you. Your exuberance makes others love being around you. You're humorous, easygoing, and a friend to anyone who needs it. You know how to cheer others up with your humor while you're sensible to where you can emotionally connect with them. Your compassion, empathy, and overwhelming love for others make you the rock that many lean on. Ideally, your characteristics are key in what most people find a great partner.

It isn't hard for a Cancer to love; it's about finding something or someone to love. As long as you have someone to love—like friends and family—you find happiness easily. You don't mind investing yourself into a good cause or something that gives you satisfaction. People commonly mistake Cancers as 'needy,' but in reality they just need reassurance. Others can pay this by returning the love that they provide. When single, this reassurance comes from loved ones and self. When it comes to space, you will happily give it to them. Not all Cancers drop off when they are in a relationship; some appreciate that they can make time for others aside from one person.

On the other hand, some may think you are too much to handle because they aren't able to satisfy your emotional needs. This, in turn, makes you act out of your usual. You're naturally a more positive person; however, your emotional nature makes that easy to change when you have negative emotions provoked. You feel the emotion of those around you. If a relationship is toxic or someone treats you poorly, you let this reflect your own image. If a relationship is good, then you are the one who will have deep connections with your partner because you can feel them on another level. This makes them feel secure and at home with you. Your love life is based mainly on who you surround yourself with, what they've done, and how you react. Maybe they'll love you; maybe they won't. As Cancer is a special person, they also need a special person who deserves their love.

5. Leo (July 23-August 22): "I can totally do better than you..... I just don't want to."

The magnificent Leo. The one who has such strong charisma and charm that they can play the game with anyone. You are likely irresistible in your own way— whether it be physically or personality wise. Because of this, there's a high chance that your selection is large. This makes people really want a relationship with you, but you keep your options open. You're vivacious, sociable, and what many consider 'cool'. Ruled by your ego, you are not one opposed to the single life. If you are the more reserved Leo, you likely enjoy being single because it's one less person testing your patience, or you're strongly passionate about your own endeavors. If you're the attention-seeking Leo, you love the adoration from multiple people— since you probably naturally attract them without even trying. Oddly enough, you can see a combination of the two.

This is why it's common to see a Leo single. Your goal in life is to always do better. You like change, but more importantly you like change for progress. You have a natural flair for the nicer things in life, and this can be applied to people. Leos are mistaken as pretentious, but this is just because you have a way of seeing the better in people and things. Leos not only want the best for themselves, but also for everyone else— including their partner. If someone doesn't always see room for improvement, then chances are, you don't care for them. People who try and work hard are a huge turn on for you; someone who settles for second or last is not.

Once a Leo finds someone they fall for, they fall hard. Aside from the fact that you could probably get anyone that you set your mind to, nothing can change that you want that one person. You give them everything you can possibly give. Even if you're in a toxic relationship and there's better for you out there, you still choose the one you love. People misinterpret Leo's flirtation as one to be disloyal, but this just shows that Leos are indeed very loyal with the right person. Even if you found someone great, you want them to be better. Some will love that about you because they need that push, but some will view you as domineering.

You need someone who isn't scared to push you to do better; since you are the one pushing others to be better. You need someone strong and assertive, yet one who is also kind and giving like you. You're independent; thus making it unlikely to be with someone needy or whiny. You are highly opinionated, so you need someone who can take it and dish it to you.This is exactly why people find you irresistible, but some just can't handle it. And that's okay. Those who can, however, are in for a roller coaster ride that you can't get enough of.

6. Virgo (August 23-September 22): "PEMDAS: Please excuse my damn anxiety spells."

Don't take this wrong, Virgo. You're quite the character and have nothing to be ashamed of. You're unique, and you definitely have your own way of doing things. This makes it difficult for others to understand you or how you feel. While you have a lot to offer, your emotions can be overwhelming. You're hard to read, but behind it all, you have a huge heart that you feel others take for granted. You're a romantic, and you definitely enjoy relationships. Your issue is actually getting into a consistent relationship.

This is either because you're seeking security in yourself first, or because you become your own worst enemy in building those relationships. You're an overthinker fueled by your own worries. When you find someone you really like, you become cautious of anything that may turn them off. You have a natural tendency to worry, even if you don't show it. Someone you're pursuing only intensifies these feelings. You need security to suppress your worries; otherwise, you find yourself picking apart what's wrong with you or shying away.

You're not insecure in yourself, Virgo. When you're single and not concerned about relationships, you seek more financial and academic security, such as getting a job or getting involved. You like control of your situation; therefore, if a relationship is thrown into the equation, then you need stability in that as well. This can make you controlling, but not because you're a possessive freak. Even though people tend to think that, it's really just that control of anything that affects you is what keeps you from getting anxious. The downfall, Virgo, is that you'll want control over things that you couldn't control even if you tried. You can't help it; you have to have people in your life who bring stability or else you will feel unstable. In turn, this makes you act a little bit crazy when provoked.

Once you have found stability with someone, you're a dedicated, loving partner who will do everything possible to make them happy. You may become a little needy at times for attention, but a little goes a long way with you. You're pretty easy to please. You're still independent; you just love knowing you have someone there for you. You feel for those you're close with and want structure with them. You're grounded, but you're also more emotional than your fellow Earth signs. Chillax, the anxiety is all in your head.

7. Libra (September 23-October 22): "I'm #1 in my love life. Bye Felicia."

This doesn't mean that you're always single or really into yourself. You don't mind experimenting with different relationships, and people interpret this as 'flirtatious' behavior— to say it nicely. However, this comes from being romantic yet emotionally balanced. To say the least, anyone who displays too little or too much will likely not work with you, Libra. You're one to commit, but not when it jeopardizes your happiness or well-being. Your scales are present in your love life, as you have the ability to balance love with your own happiness.

You're a romantic, but you're not one to sacrifice everything you have just to prove it. Ultimately, you understand that you have to take care of yourself first in order to have a successful relationship. You are generous and one of the most down-to-earth people. In addition, you have the ability to read others and determine how to balance your emotion and logic with them. You're great at empathizing and a natural compromiser; therefore, you try to reach an agreement before anything escalates. You're confident in yourself; therefore, you're mostly good at knowing when you are right and wrong. You like to take preventative approaches instead of doing damage control.

On the other hand, you are one who is only willing to give so much. Balance is key for you. You're big on mutual effort— you'll put in what is given to you. You're kind, but you're also assertive when provoked. You try to give your partner the same respect and independence that you seek as well. When someone doesn't want that, then you really don't care to deal with the bullshit when they see it as a problem with you. Libras appreciate things that are meaningful, and this includes your own well-being. With that being said, you don't want anyone who is going to stress you out or be over-demanding. You work hard for what you earn, and self-growth is a virtue for you.

You need someone who respects that or else you'll just end up doing your own thing anyways. You have the ability to level others out, and that makes others respect you more. For others, they can feel at times you're distant, moody, disinterested. In reality, all you need is a little rejuvenation and space. Needier people will hate this, and you'll hate it for them. You are a great friend and partner because of your ability to reason and communicate. When in a great relationship, you're a partner that many know will balance them. You're honest and assertive; yet you're kind and mellow. If they have more drama for you, you'll close the door in their face. You sleep better alone anyways. Bye Felicia.

8. Scorpio (October 23-November 21): "Love life? You mean life of love."

You're a passionate lover, Scorpio. You're not one to take love or relationships lightly, either. You're independent and strong-minded; however, you also thrive off of love. Scorpio, you have a really big heart that allows you to love people hard. If you're single, this love is shown to your friends, family, or through your career. You have this nurturing quality, which in turn makes you charming. It's tough to say you're the "one always in a relationship," but love with you isn't temporary.

You'd rather be by yourself before setting out to experiment with others. Not saying you won't branch out; you're just a little more reserved in this area. You tend to know exactly what you want, take it when you have it, and aren't one to take relationships for granted. However, when that right person sweeps you away, you are there to stay for the good and bad. That's what makes you a great partner, but this may become destructive for you. You seek life long commitment even if it takes you 3-5 tries. In that time frame, you stick with whoever in hopes you will grow together from it. You hope every try is the last try.

At some point, you've probably been bat shit crazy. This isn't because Scorpios are crazy; it's because you care deeply for others and burden yourself with their pain. Even if it grows to be toxic, you get strongly attached to those you are with. You feel it's your obligation to care for them even if it's bad for you. To you, that's what love is. Until someone comes along who makes you feel like rainbows and butterflies inside.

In better scenarios, when your partner is everything you want, you are an ideal partner because of how strong and passionate you are. You're not one to leave a relationship because it gets tough, nor are you to intentionally hurt them. You're one who will have their back through thick and thin. Either you will be protective or possessive, but either way your partner feels secure with you. You are a ride or die without a doubt.

9. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): "I'm a lover, but don't push me."

You, Sagittarius, are not what people like to call the "relationship type." This does you some injustice considering you're passionate and loving in relationships. On the other hand, the Sagittarius flight stops for no one. You crave change and new experiences. You have a world to see and plenty of people to meet. You have so much within yourself to find first. You prefer self-discovery over being told how to live. Your independence is valuable to you, and no one is worth losing it.

That is why you need someone who is on your same flight. With this, you may be slow to jump into relationships because you aren't even sure what your next move in life is. The great thing about you is that you hold high integrity -- meaning you don't lead people on or use them for egotistical gain. You treat it as fun and leave it at that. Anyone who pushes anything on you to soon? Peace out, Girl Scout.

People think you're 'heartless' or even a 'player.' To you, life is a game, and things aren't always meant to be taken seriously. You may have had your fair share of flings or meeting new people. You enjoy the single life because you hate limitations. More importantly, you hate any kind of bullshit slowing you down.

If you are the one in a relationship, you do best with someone who is just as eager to new experiences and growth as you. You crave excitement because life is short. You don't mind having someone as long as you have change stimulating you. If this person is down for that as well, then you find yourself loyal and passionate to your partner. You are big on mutual respect, and you are not possessive or too needy. Of course, you are one to spoil them and make every aspect of the relationship exciting. You're not that bad Sagittarius -- once you get who you were looking for, you are amongst one of the best signs in a relationship.

10. Capricorn (December 22-January 19): "There is no such thing as a 'love life' until it's for life."

Old fashioned love? Capricorn, where you at?

Capricorn, you're a traditionalist who dates to marry. No, this doesn't mean you plan to marry every person you date or talk to. It means that just like everything else in your life, a relationship is an investment for you. If it isn't worth it in the long run, then you aren't about it. You aren't necessarily 'boring' either. You may try new people and different things, but you are also mostly reserved in this area.

You have a business-structured mind. Your priorities lie in your career and ambitions. While you may be more serious and less affectionate, there is no doubt that you are a provider and hard worker. Your mind is focused on how you're going to be successful so you can be in the best relationship possible. You likely understand that failure is necessary for success, but you would rather fail on your own before having someone else deal with it. A perfectionist in some sense, you want to invest in something that will thrive.

You come off as 'cold' and 'careless' at times. Those who are more emotionally driven than you will not like this. Strangely enough, you still don't care. Not because you're careless, but because you have bigger things on your plate to deal with. With goals that are likely big, you always have something to keep your eye on anyways. You are completely content with putting any love life on hold to get your shit together or because it hurts you more than benefits you.

When you are in a relationship, you are more practical in showing you care. With you, emotions are buried underneath you but are still there. To offset this, you are likely one who will give anything when needed, or you're just simply there for them. Your simplicity is nice, but those who are more emotional wish you'd lighten up and be more exciting. Maybe you do, or maybe you could care less. If the right person comes along, you find yourself loosening up when you become comfortable. You're going places in life, and you ain't got time for any problems. Patience is key with you. Once anyone can get past that, you are one to be there for life.

11. Aquarius (January 20-February 18): "You forgot the 'i' at the beginning of love life. It's 'I love life'"

The Aquarian goal is to experience life to the fullest. You're likely an amazing, or at least decent, person with one hell of a personality. One part of your nature that is indisputable is your carefree nature. Even though your behavior is typically harmless, it still doesn't do any justice for you in many relationships. You either stay single and do you, or you're with someone who is on the same page as you. Change is what constructs your personal philosophy and stimulates your thinking. This is great for you until a relationship comes into the mix, and someone wants all of this to change. Aquarius, the natural-born rebel, will not stand for this.

You value your freedom way too much for anyone to take it from you. You are one who isn't established to only one clique. Sure, you have your groups, but I wouldn't consider you a 'social butterfly.' You're like this because you enjoy variety on all levels. You're somehow really predictable, yet really unpredictable. You have different people for different reasons in your life. You have some people for fun and good times, while you may have others who are your personal counselors or lunch dates. You are capable of commitment, but anyone who holds you back is one you...well, can't get rid of. You actually keep them around as you find your way around it.

Anyone you get in a relationship with who is controlling or manipulative is one you find yourself getting away from. Your main problem is being slow to act on getting rid of them— mainly because you aren't confrontational enough to deal with the bullshit. Also, your positive nature conditions you to view the positive in everything before doing something that, to you, may make matters worse. People give Aquarius a bad rep for being 'too flighty', 'indecisive', or 'careless.' You actually are emotional underneath, which is why you have a hard time getting rid of other people or confronting them.

You don't like hurting others and would rather avoid doing it. However, your avoidance typically results in a worsened situation and a deeper hole you've dug yourself in. You're into subtle hints— like not texting back or slowly distancing yourself. And yes, this tends to really piss some people off, especially those in a relationship with you. In addition, you tend to jump into things that you may not be ready to mentally confront when the times comes. This is why you are definitely not the relationship type unless you find someone who shares your zest for life and desire for change.

12. Pisces (February 19-March 20): "I'm just going to stay TF back here and play it cool."

You aren't one to be easily convinced into a relationship, Pisces. You don't jump relationship to relationship because that is not how you roll. You may be able to give someone a chance then move onto the next, but relationships with you are ones to be taken very seriously. You're quick to commit mentally; you just don't show it. You try to not be overbearing because in reality, you know your emotions are a lot for others to handle. While you are emotional, you are also friendly and likable. And yes, you'd really like to keep it that way.

You have a big heart that you try to show to everyone you meet. You want to show your happy side, but you also try playing it cool as if you really don't feel that way...knowing good and dang well that you do. You could find the perfect person in front of you and it's screaming in your head; however, you'd turn around and say, "Oh, they're okay, I guess." You're not timid, but you're cautious in the fact that someone either won't show it back, or you feel like you're being too much. Having strong intuition, you feel like you pick up on vibes that others don't pick up. This may be true, but you have to learn the difference between your intuition and your tendency to think deeply— resulting in overthinking.

Sometimes, you'll find someone you like and try convincing yourself that you don't want anything with them. Like Cancer, you sometimes get scared to commit simply because you fear what they will do— you know that you'll do what's right. Eventually, you find yourself pushing them away. You stay single, and this becomes a cycle. When you finally grow comfortable enough with someone to put your guard down, you are someone who loves strongly and passionately. You may be somewhat needy, but your partner will be your best friend that you will want to spend most of your time with. But with this, you really do become an amazing friend and partner in one.

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Sunnyside Foundation Raises $50,000 For Arizona Students In Need

The Sunnyside Unified School District Foundation helped the community come together to help students and families pay their bills during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sunnyside Foundation / Instagram

COVID-19 shut everything down, leaving some students scrambling to support their families while being enrolled in school. The Sunnyside Unified School District Foundation in Tuscon, AZ has worked tirelessly to raise money for students and families in need.

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You Need To Add These 12 Books To Your Fall TBR ASAP For That Perfect Spooky Vibe

Spooky season is just around the corner, so whether you're into horror, mystery, fantasy, thriller, or paranormal, these books are perfect to curl up with this month.


October is the best month to catch up on some reading. It has the perfect fall vibes: Halloween, crunchy leaves, hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, warm sweaters, and a good book to read by a crackling fireplace. Finding a good book is the hard part. But there's no need to worry. I've compiled a list of the best books to read this spooky season. These books will keep you glued to the edge of your seat. So grab a mug of your favorite tea, cozy up with a warm blanket, and have fun reading!

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Politics and Activism

Odyssey Template: 25 Questions For My State's Elected Officials

"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We fought for these ideals, we shouldn't settle for less."


Whether you're interested in how democracy works, how stop signs get installed, or anything in between, this is your opportunity to ask questions. This is your opportunity to show current and future members of your community what, in your opinion, is most important as your town, city, and state are trying to put the best, most effective practices forward.

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