1. When you realize it’s time for THAT class again.

2. Walking to class, debating whether or not to skip and double-checking the attendance policy on the syllabus.

3. The face you make when the professor walks in and any final hope of class being cancelled disappears. You’re trapped now.

4. You while your professor is lecturing and you wonder if it will be on the exam or if you can zone out.

5. Pretending to be taking notes on your laptop while really messaging your friend sitting next to you.

6. Cue nap time mid-way through class.

7. The face you make when you’re cold-called and suddenly you wish you’d actually been taking notes.

8. That moment when your classmate gets caught with their phone and now everyone has lost their technology privilege.

9. Watching the clock like …

10. When your soul is renewed when the professor dismisses class and you run out to greet the world again.