Catching up with your friends and finding out new gossip that you haven't heard yet

Running into people in public that you don't necessarily want to run into

Eating more than your own body weight... just about every day

Making excuses for those days that you just want to stay in bed instead of your plans you had

Seeing cute couples doing cute holiday things on social media while you're just at home like:

When you see your friends from home that you haven't seen in months

Preparing to go out in the cold like:

When you haven't showered in a couple of days and you realize you smell

Hearing your cousin has 4.0, is on the dean's list, has a stable relationship...

When your mom told you to clean your room hours ago before the guest come and you hear the doorbell ring

When you're at a family event and your relatives start asking you questions even you don't know the answer to

When your sibling releases info you haven't told your parents yet at the dinner table

Trying out your new gifts like:

Putting on your ugly sweater for your party and immediately feeling lit

When you hear your parents mention your name in conversation to your relatives when they're in the other room

When it's FINALLY time to open presents

And, after a long Christmas, when your relatives finally leave your house after a long get together