You're hungry. Even when that freshman fifteen hits, you're still going to be hungry. You're going to stress eat, eat when you're bored and eat when you can. Even when you're done eating, you're going to be hungry ten minutes later.

You're homesick. The freedom is amazing and you're finally able to do what you want. But, you're going to miss your bed because that twin XL is going to catch up with your back real fast. You're going to miss your own bathroom and taking as long as you want in there. You're going to miss your parents, your old mean cat, and the neighborhood kids. You're going to be homesick for a long time. After once you're home, you're going to miss college and that little dorm room.

You're first L. L means a loss and you take your first one in college. It might not be in the first month, or the first semester but sooner or later you're going to take that L. Once you take that L you take a deep breath and head on to your next class.

Your many L's after that L. Once you take that first L you are going to take many more after that one. That is okay. It happens to everyone. You can study, study, study and study some more, but you are still going to fail some exams/tests/quizzes. It is okay to be upset and even cry over anger and frustration. You once again have to take a deep breath and head to your next class.

You're tired. You can get twelve hours one night and still wake up exhausted. There are going to be some weeks where you do not even sleep. I'm talking maybe four hours a night and fifteen hour days. Your body will go into overdrive especially during finals week. You will stay up all night studying for an exam that you will finish in thirty minutes. And when that weekend comes you will crash and start again Monday morning.

You're gonna end up addicted to caffeine in one form or another. Whether your vice is coffee or energy drinks, you are going to need one once a day. You do not have to feel bad about this because honestly, everyone around you is drinking two cups a day. You do not have to chug three monsters, and I highly recommend that you don't, but having one a day will not kill you.

You're going to cry. I could not even count how many times I have cried this past year. Sometimes overtaking a few L's or because I was so tired and did not want to go to class. The tears are not always sad ones though. You are going to shed many happy tears as well. From passing that exam or laughing with all the amazing people that you meet.

You're going to grow as a person. College breaks you out of your shell if you let it. College matures you, and at times humbles you. You stop caring what people think and you just let yourself live. While your first year at college is like diving headfirst into a brick wall at times, it is a wonderful experience that brings you into a world filled with knowledge and excitement.