Your Fashion Must-Haves If You Go To College In 2019

Your Fashion Must-Haves If You Go To College In 2019

All the clothes and shoes people wear around campus in 2019.

Caroline Turpen

When I was a freshman, I found this Odyssey article that listed all the most important elements of a college wardrobe. This article is classic and these items it talks about aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Can you imagine trying to dress for class if you didn't have the option of pulling on a pair of Nike shorts and a good old Comfort Colors tee? And what would we do without our Birkenstocks? Cry, that's what. While some things will never be replaced, there have been some new staples added to our campus fashion repertoire in the last couple seasons. High school seniors and college freshmen, this one's for you! Here's what people are wearing on campus in 2019 (besides Chacos and sweatshirts):

1. Sherpa pullover.

So soft. So cozy. So fluffy. Since I know you're wondering where to get one, you can shop this exact one on Amazon here.

2. Colored leggings.

There is never a wrong time to pull out one of your 17,000 pairs of black leggings. They will never go anywhere because they match literally everything. But it gets so boring to wear only one color of leggings all the time! Plus, leggings with pockets are now a thing and honestly what did we do before that? These leggings can be found here.

3. Long cardigan.

Adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to your Norts, comfort colors, and chacos outfit. You can get this one here.

4. Cute sneakers.

So comfy. So cute. Don't step on my feet on the bus please. You can shop on Amazon here.

5. Hydroflask. (With stickers.)

Catherine Moffett

Back in 2015, we all had Nalgenes. Maybe it was just me, but I live in Texas and a sad bottle of lukewarm, plastic flavored water did not do it for me on August days when I'd just walked from Wehner to Blocker (0/10 btw.) My Hydroflask was a game changer because it is insulated and keeps ice frozen all day long! You can get one here, and don't forget to grab some stickers as well!

6. Apple Watch/Fitbit.

Wearable technology wasn't as much of a thing in 2015, but now it's hard to find a college student who isn't counting their steps and tracking the time in style. (If you're wondering which will be better for you, check out my review!)

7. Longchamp tote bag.

Okay, so maybe this one isn't quite as popular as the others, but I've been seeing them around campus more, and I love my Longchamp bag so much. It holds my laptop, notebook, umbrella, Hydroflask, and more with ease, looks so much more stylish than a backpack, and plus, looks good as new after a whole school year of being used every day. I use it as a purse too by simply taking out the binder, laptop, and notebook because it's that timeless and chic. And it easily holds my Bible, journal, and iPad for church on Sundays. You can shop on Amazon here. (And don't let the price scare you; it's worth every penny!)

Okay, that's all! Happy shopping!

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