Your Best is Good Enough

It's hard to feel like you are good enough in college. I always feel like I could have done better. I just see all these people succeeding around me and I need to be doing as well as them. The truth is nobody is doing as well as you think.

That student is making amazing grades, but he has hardly any friends. And that girl makes it look like her life is picture perfect with her posts on Instagram, but she is struggling to keep things together offline. There is no doubt it is hard to balance everything in your life especially with college. There is studying, maintaining a social life, working, health, and possibly even bills. Some people just look like they have it all together, but trust me, most don't. It's easy in theory to think that, but it is hard to actually believe it. For example, when tests are being passed back and the guy next to you went camping the weekend before an exam. He still somehow made an A, even though you couldn't find time to go on a date with your s/o. It's hard the constant pressure to do better, but yet nothing is good enough.

Even if I make an A in a class, I never feel fully satisfied and happy with my effort. There is always I could have done...and I should have not done...going through my head. I just see everyone else and I need to be 'successful' like them. I need to do and be better. What I have begun to realize is that doing your best is living a successful life. You can't be better than your best in that moment and that's okay. You are the only person who should hold expectations for yourself, but don't let those expectations belittle you. Nobody is living the perfect life you think they are. People see you and think that everything is amazing in your life, but you know that there are still struggles.

It is time to accept yourself and your limits. It is time to learn that there is no perfect life and that your best will always be good enough.

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