My sister applied to one college.

She applied to one college, got into it, and isn't going to apply to anymore.
She didn't apply ED or anything, she just signed an NLI and sent in an application.
Two years ago, I applied to nine colleges.

I heard from four of them over a two week period in December and was accepted into three.
I was deferred from one of them, and it was my dream school(at the time).

Two years ago today, I had no idea where I was going to go to college, and trying to find a way to skip Christmas in order to not talk about college with anyone else. Two years ago, I thought that the world was going to be over.
It wasn't.

I go to college, and I have for almost two years now, and I'm doing fine. No, I don't go the what I thought was my dream school, and I didn't go to any of my top choices. I go to college, and it wasn't the one I planned on going to.
Two years ago, I went through everything that my sister's friends were going through, and \it did not go well, and now I've got some stuff to say.

Why do we have to get all of our college decisions as emails now? Who decided that? Who? Who thought that it was a good idea for me to be able to open an email in the MIDDLE OF MY PHYSICS CLASS to find out I had been waitlisted from yet another school? WHOSE IDEA WAS THAT?

Send me a letter. I'm serious. Or, if you insisted on sending us all emails, make it so that every email has to be sent out at 6 pm on a Friday night. If it goes bad, you have two days to recover before seeing your friends again. Also, it takes away the possibility that you'll do what I did and find out bad news in the middle of the school day and excuse myself to the guidance office for a half hour.

I do see the downsides of the main thing, because of a thing called Early Action and Early Decision. That's when you get your decisions right around the holiday's when the US mail system is stretched thin and you most likely won't get your mail. I get that, I really do.

BUT EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO ME. I went through some stuff, and yeah, I'm fine. It took me a year, but I like the college that I go to now and looking back on it, the college process is still terrible. If you're going through it right now, just remember that it will end. One day.

Hopefully, before you graduate, unlike me.