Why I Love Writing for Odyssey

Why I Love Writing for Odyssey

And why you should join, too.

Seven months ago I never could have imagined the types of friendships that I would form writing for my chapter of the Odyssey at Southern Miss. Before Odyssey, I was a shy, awkward, entering sophomore that had yet to find her voice. I'm still somewhat shy and very much an awkward person, but now, I know that I have a voice that is far louder than I previously thought.

When I originally applied, I was a bit apprehensive as to what was going to come out of it. Little did I know that a GroupMe message and a chance encounter in Walmart later would lead me to finding my home away from home.

To some people, Odyssey is "not real journalism." It's merely a collection of college students writing about what they want to. As an English major, I may not see whether Odyssey is "real" or "fake." But to me, it is a real medium that unique groups of people can use just simply to write. It's less about facts and more about legitimate feelings towards important issues that face the world or writer today. It may be less objective than other mediums today, but it allows feelings to be expressed.

I've written articles that are focused on a variety of subjects, ranging from listicles about my major, to my high school. But where I found my voice and passion was when I wrote about politics, feminism and the issues we face today. For decades, my heroes used their forms of media to get their feelings out to the public. Now, it's my chance to evolve not into the next Gloria Steinem, but into the next Emily Rasch. It's through Odyssey that I feel that I can inspire the next generation of glass ceiling breakers.

My three best friends and fellow content creators came from Odyssey. It's been nice to have people that want to genuinely know about your life, or to talk makeup. I am proud of the person that I have become because of them.

My friends at Odyssey were there for me when I underwent the emotions that I had after the election. They saw my many nervous breakdowns, anxiety attacks, and were there when I needed to cry or rant. Never once did they judge me for the thoughts I had or the feelings I felt. It was in these dark times that I realized just how lucky I was to have a group of people that made my large college campus feel not as big.

Now, I am getting ready to embark on a whole new journey with Odyssey as a member of the executive team. It's a little intimidating to think that I get to have a say in how things go. I am absolutely honored and blessed beyond belief for this new experience to happen. I cannot wait to have other writers on our amazing team and introduce them to the impact that Odyssey has had on our whole community.

if you are an eagle and ready to soar, Odyssey could be your chance to. I know it has been mine.

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To My Best Friend Of 15 Years

You are my person.


To my person,

I will never forget the first day that we met. It was the first day of preschool and my mom had just dropped me off. As I started to walk into the classroom I noticed that you were sitting alone on the floor crying. Not sure what to do, I went over to you and asked if you wanted to go play. Your face immediately lit up as we walked into the classroom and in that moment I knew that you would become my best friend. Ever since that day we've been attached by the hip and I wouldn't want it any other way.

April Roberson

Our friendship is the one true relationship that I can count on and for that I am forever grateful. This friendship of ours goes beyond our laughs and lake days. It's real. Through blood, sweat, and tears you've always been right by my side no matter what. You pick me up when I am drowning in pain. You cheer for me even when my ego is a little too high. You love me even when you should hate me. But, most importantly, you stand by me.

Our friendship is the perfect example of trust. You taught me that the right people can be trusted and will not betray you. No matter how dark the secret or how crazy the adventure, you never speak a word about me to anyone. You care about protecting my heart from the awful things in this world and when I am broken you are always there to pick up the pieces no matter how long it takes them to heal.

April Roberson

Our friendship has been a lifetime of happiness with a little bit of spunk. Not only do you encourage my crazy adventures, but you're always right by my side for each one. You keep life exciting and you make it easy. You are a true gift from God and I feel completely indebted to you for the role that you've played in my life. Our friendship is so special because it's full of our tremendous amounts of giving, sharing, and most importantly, love. There's not a day that goes by when I don't feel overwhelmingly thankful to have you by my side doing life with me.

So thank you, to my person. Thank you for always showing up for every little thing and making life so much better. Thank you for being my adventure inspiration and my lifelong travel buddy. Thank you for loving me unconditionally through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Lastly, thank you for being the one person that I can forever count on in this life time. I love you with my whole heart and I wouldn't want to do life with anyone else. You are my person.



April Roberson

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