Lately I've been talking to a lot of hopeful entrepreneurs, and their biggest excuse to not starting a business was that they did not have enough or any capital to get started within their venture. Do you really need a lot of capital to start a business? Any capital at all? Or is it just a big myth?

Many individuals have an entrepreneurial drive, but the lack of capital is stopping them. Though money is everywhere, and businesses could be started with no money, individuals are still allowing that to stop them from starting a company. There are many online businesses that could be started with little or no money, but individuals are always looking for an excuse towards why they can't live the life they want live.

Online business, and many other business can be started with little or no money. These businesses have generated massive profits to the entrepreneurs who started these businesses with little or no money. These businesses were formed with creative methods that the average mind wouldn't think of. Entrepreneurs see obstacles as opportunity, and find anyway to take advantage of it. The average mind sees obstacles and runs from it.

Entrepreneurs could start a small business with no money by networking and finding partners with capital to be involved in their start-up. These partners will have their money secured within the entity by an ownership stake. People should have no excuse towards why they can't start a business, if they are truly dedicated to following their passion.

While in college, I was able to meet people who were able to start highly profitable businesses with no money. Many of these individuals found ways to sell products online by using no money at all, and every penny that they generate is complete profit. These entrepreneurs were able to get a partner who had access to capital to partner with them on this venture and bring in profit that would be split 50/50.

Though there are multiple industries that require money to get started in business, there are tons of ways to start a business without any money. Allowing the fact of having no money stop you from starting a business that you're passionate about, just shows you're not passionate about it in the first place. No obstacle should hinder anyone from achieving what they really want. So whats's stopping you?