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Let me start off by saying: I understand and am empathetic towards those with a mental illness. I have one too. And sometimes it makes me do things I know I shouldn't.

But this goes out to the individuals that are hurting others and aren't trying to stop it.

Mental illnesses are hard. Having a bad home life as a child is hard. Having parents that don't support you is hard. These situations are enough to make a person feel less than worthy. But none of these things give people an excuse to treat other people as less than worthy.

No matter how incredibly frustrated you feel inside your brain, there is no reason to treat others with disrespect.

Let me repeat that again:

There is no reason to treat others with disrespect.

If you know you have a manipulative, controlling, or abusive character, I'm proud of you for recognizing this and being self-aware. That first step of self-reflection is so important.

However, if you know you are manipulative, controlling, or abusive, and you're doing nothing to change your ways, that's a problem.

You cannot keep hurting others just because you are struggling. You can't make other people struggle because of your mental illness. Your mental illness is not an excuse to act poorly towards those around you.

You must take responsibility for your actions and work on changing them.

Seek help. Talk to a trusted and professional counselor. Get help before you start pushing away those closest to you.

Receiving much-needed help is an option, and looking into it in order to change for the better does not make you weak.

You will come out stronger and more confident than ever before.

I believe in you. Seek help. You are not alone.

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