The last two weeks of every spring semester simply suck. You spend all summer waiting to get back to college, but spend the little time you have left complaining about wanting to go home. Every little thing seems to drive you crazy and every person makes you want to jump off a ledge. Every college student encounters these struggles at least once during their college career and can live to say that the struggle is indeed real.

1. You have four papers due tomorrow.

2. You have four tests tomorrow.

3. Your professor seems to think you're only taking their class.

4. You eat everything in sight for stress relief.

5. You spend everyday screaming into your pillow.

6. You procrastinate worse than ever.

7. It's too warm outside t bother going to class.

8. ... And everyone seems to be sunbathing even in the dark.

9. Coffee.

10. And pizza. And fries. And chocolate. And ice cream.

11. Your bank account is in the negatives.

12. You spend your free time napping.

13. You get frustrated and roll around the floor moaning.

14. You get mad at everyone.

15. You start getting worked up about summer jobs.

16. You start planning when you're going to use your skips for class.

17. You might be going crazy and start talking to squirrels outside.

18. Your friends are all starting to get aggravated with one another.

19. You're counting down the days until you're done with finals.

20. Summer has never sounded so great.