So remember that video about Reese that was made like seven years ago? Well, this is my version.

Here are 25 signs you know you are from Reese, Michigan:

1. There's a t-shirt for anything and everything, and it's always maroon and gold.

2. Sports are basically everything, so you had better like them and be good at them.

3. Our Girl's Varsity basketball team is always pretty great though, so shout out to them.

4. Looking to grab some fast food? Think again. Reese has no McDonald's or Taco Bell, you have to go to Frankenmuth or Saginaw for that.

5. Speaking of Frankenmuth, we all love to hate it because where else do you get an after-school job in Reese? You don't, you go to Frankenmuth.

6. Anytime someone asks where we live, we have to say "15 minutes away from Frankenmuth" or else no one will know.

7. Perks of living in a small town? You know everyone, and I mean everyone.

8. Which is also a fault because everyone knows everything about you too.

9. You've made some pretty amazing friends along the way. Some will stay, some will go, and some friendships won't even begin to develop until after high school is over.

10. You even know the cops. There's two of them. One always pulls you over and the other one never does, so watch out.

11. Big news in Reese? Yeah, there is none.

12. We just about have a bar for every church, so you can tell where our priorities are.

13. We also couldn't keep a grocery store in business, that is until Dollar General came to town.

14. We do have Speedy Q though, which is the hot spot. I mean who doesn't love the seventh Slurpee free deal?

15. If you can't shoot a gun, drive a tractor, or go "mudding" in your pickup truck, then do you really belong here?

16. I mean we literally have a "Drive Your Tractor To School Day."

17. To be honest, no one from Reese is truly "country," everyone just pretends to be.

18. We also think we are so much better than everyone else. I mean it's Reese, come on people.

19. Seniors are always so excited to leave.

20. But everyone always comes back.

21. Our teachers either went to school with our parents or taught them. It's just one big cycle.

22. Even the coaches are Reese Alumni.

23. There's nothing like the country scene, though: stars every night, beautiful sunsets, and wide open spaces.

24. We do travel to some pretty amazing places. I mean how much better can you get than kayaking Isle Royale or visiting Costa Rica?

25. However, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter where you end up, if you enjoyed your time in Reese, or even if your previous friendships have turned into acquaintances. You're still thankful for the memories of your childhood, and you'll always be Proud to be a Rocket.