You Know You're a Foodie When...

You Know You're a Foodie When...

18 things you do if you LOVE food

Foodie (noun): A person who loves and knows anything and everything related to food

I am 100% a foodie - I love food, and I love making food too. If you are a foodie like me, than you are guilty of more than a few of the following.

1) Watching food videos is the ultimate satisfaction

One of Buzzfeed's TASTY video popping up on your Facebook leads to a trap of watching countless videos of tossing pasta, frosting cake, or drizzling chocolate sauce.

2) One of the best parts of holidays is the food

You can actually have an excuse to stuff your face with as much food as humanely possible!

3) You remember everything you ate

When people bring up a holiday, vacation, or event you will most likely remember what food you ate as some of the main highlights.

4) Hangry is a part of your vocabulary

Hangry (adj.) : A state of anger resulting in lack of food; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state.

5) Free're there!

6) You will pretty much try anything new

Nothing phases you in the food world. You are willing to taste things that are unusual or from other cultures. Sushi? Yum! Kimchi? Why not! Escargot? Sure, I would give it a try.

7) You take pictures of your food

Yes, you are one of those annoying people. Whether it's for your food Instagram or you just like taking pictures of food in general, you have to snap a picture of your meal...unless of course you get too excited and eat it first.

8) Sharing food is never an option

9) Going to a restaurant is so exciting

Spontaneously deciding to go out to eat is so much fun and when you have a meal at a restaurant coming up, you are excited about it days in advance.

10) Food Network is your go to channel

Food Network is one of your top channels, especially when you are bored and have a lot of time on your hands. You know all the chefs, all the shows, and could spend hours watching the Food Network. (Oh and the magazine is really good too!)

11) It takes you forever to decide what to order at a restaurant

How can you possibly decide when everything sounds so good!?

12) You feel like you have the knowledge and palate of a professional chef

As a result of watching countless hours of Food Network and making so much food, you are basically an expert. You can explain what a truffle tastes like, what miss en place means, how to flambé, and how to pronounce tzatziki.

13) Cooking is so much fun!

Cooking and/or baking is one of your favorite pastimes. You love searching Pinterest for recipes and experimenting in the kitchen.

14) You are slightly offended by people who don't like what you like

When someone doesn't like a food or restaurant you breaks your heart. How can someone possibly not like cheese? Or guacamole? Or waffles?

15) You sit at the table before the food is even ready

Because you are just THAT excited to eat!

16) You are known for giving "Chopped" judge level critiques and descriptions

17) Food is the first thing you think of

You always wonder... "What's for dinner?."

18) You just plain and simply love food!

Is it bad that I have done all of these at some point? My friends and family always make fun of my ridiculous food obsession. How many of these have you done before?

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An Ode To Girl Scout Cookies

Here's to my sweet, sweet Samoas.

Girl Scout cookie season is my favorite season of all time, second only to football season. There is just something about the colorful boxes, the sweet aroma of cookies, and the adorable voices of little Girl Scouts just trying to sell the most cookies in their troop. Throughout this time, my family seems to have somewhere between four and eight boxes of cookies permanently holding a place in our fridge, and my mom and I can't seem to go ANYWHERE without buying at least two boxes from these Girl Scouts.

Since I left for college, buying Girl Scout cookies has become increasingly harder. Without the care packages sent from my loving mother (you rock mom, thanks for always sending countless boxes), I probably wouldn't eat nearly as many Thin Mints and Samoas.

This season however, I received an unexpected visit at my apartment complex from the cutest five-year old girl. After praising her for being so smart (seriously, she sold at least 23 boxes in the 30 seconds it took me to go back into my apartment and get my wallet), I willingly bought a box for myself, and patted myself on the back for finally bringing these delicious cookies back into my life.

All this being said, I find myself writing an ode to these one-of-a-kind treats:

Where would I be without my sweet Samoas? Without my coconut flakes and my chocolate drizzle? These cookies are my absolute favorites, and I routinely finish a box in one sitting, because how could you not?

Thin Mints, while small in size, are so full of flavor. While they are tasty on their own, I do not wish to live in a world where I could not freeze them.

Thank you Tagalongs, for making my brother happy, even when I try to steal one or two from his box, hoping he won't notice (even though, he always does).

A special shoutout to Do-Si-Dos and Trefoils, for satisfying my parent's sweet teeth, and always sticking around season after season.

Honorable mentions to All-Abouts and Thank You Berry Munch's, for being the OG cookies, and for being fond memories, even if I can no longer buy boxes of you.

A major thank you to the Girl Scouts for selling these wonderful creations every single year, I genuinely do not know where I would be without my Samoas, and without the sweet smiles from troops around the world.

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