I peaked in high school.

I peaked trying Chago's queso.

I peaked watching Harry Style's carpool karaoke.

I peaked when I saw Bob Fisher walking around campus.

I peaked when I heard the song 'Sleep on the Floor' for the first time.

I think we have all been here.

We go through this one great moment and we say "I've peaked. Nothing good will ever come again and this is where they will put my headstone."

As people, whether adults or college students or itty bitty fetuses, we have the tendency to over exaggerate like this. Now, do not get me wrong, I love. a great exaggeration. I feed off of it. I breathe it. It may even well be my love language.

But here's the thing,

NO ONE - not even Blake Lively - has peaked yet.

Now, I know it is easy to look back at high moments in your life and wish on the Dragon Tales stone that you could go back to that time. I find this especially happens when we are faced with challenges, or are in a "valley", or are experiencing the wrong kind of "funk".

It is within these times that the summer after Senior Year or last spring break seem so much better than the time we are currently in. It is these times that make us go - "shoot I really peaked Junior Year of high school, man wish I could just go back then when I had long hair and didn't have to pay for my own groceries".

It is like we are claiming to climb Mount Everest but it is actually a 6 foot hill in Illinois.

In reality these "peaks" are actually just baby hills, and I mean it, baby.

The peaks we have declared for ourselves are probably good times, maybe even wonderful times but compared to the Sky High reaching mountains that are coming later in life THEY ARE BABY HILLS.

And I now you are probably like - "yeah okay you're right, I will just peak in my 30's like Jenna in 13 going on 30". WRONG - O.

Your greatest peak will not come when you are 30, 40 or 80, or even 120, but it will come the moment you are reunited with your Father at the highest peak of all.

So here's to the moments you think you are peaking, but more importantly here's to the higher mountains that are to come.