Leaving home and going off to college is a big reality check for most eighteen-year old’s, that's when you learn that you now are responsible for yourself. I am now in my second year of college, owning my first apartment has been more of a wake-up call than anything. With that being said this is what I’ve learned the most living on my own.

1. Meal plans are amazing.

You will realize within the first week of living on your own of how much you miss that meal plan that provided you with food whenever you were hungry and now you actually have to learn how to cook. You will also come to the conclusion, that fast food is not the answer to your problem and that it adds up very quickly versus shopping for groceries. You will burn things and you will overcook things, but thank God that it’s a learning experience.

2. When it comes to laundry, more is not better.

You may think you’re just making your clothes smell extra satisfying but putting two or more pods of detergent will actually cause you to have soapy clothes. They will eventually have to be washed a second time to get the excess soap removed and sadly, I figured it out the hard way.

3. Using a dishwasher.

Living in a dorm, you learn to wash your dishes by hand. However, with a dishwasher, you can't just dribble soap on it and call it a day.

4. Things DO smell and food will expire.

It will be noticed soon enough when that week old pasta in your trashcan smells like death and you can truly smell it all the way in your bedroom. At that point, you'll realize that the trash HAS to go out every night or you’ll be regretting it.

5. Beware, do not use bleach detergent on your clothes if they aren’t white.

You’ll end up with a variety of tie-dyed clothing and not the cute tie-dye either.

Eventually, you will learn to adapt with everything life throws at you, even if it’s hard not to have your mom there to help you. But do not worry, you will get the hang of things and YOU WILL BE OKAY.